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Even though 2020 has felt like it’s been a decade long, the year will go by in the blink of an eye.

No one knows what 2021 will bring, but it’s wise to plan for your future career and get the skills needed to land your dream job.

In fact, there’s still plenty of time to research online learning offerings and find the right Nanodegree program that may help you in your new career.

If you’re still unsure of where to start, here are three ways to upskill yourself to take on a new role in 2021.

1. Pick Up Some Coding Skills

These days, more and more jobs require basic coding skills of some kind. According to, programming is the No.1 skill needed to get a well-paid job. An analysis from Burning Glass found that over 50% of jobs posted at $57,000 or higher required programming experience.

From building websites with HTML and Javascript to writing scripts to automate tasks, coding can be useful in any industry. If you’re new programming, check out Udacity’s Intro to Programming Nanodegree program. 

If you already have some experience writing code, it never hurts to upskill yourself in a different type of framework or programming language like C++ or Java. Udacity’s School of Programming has a wide selection of technical Nanodegree programs, including iOS development, React, and cybersecurity.

2. Learn About Data Science

As processing technology continues to improve, more and more data is collected and analyzed by companies on a regular basis. The trends that this data reveals is great for helping companies make product decisions. If that sounds like an interesting skill to add to your resume, you’re in luck. According to the LinkedIn U.S. Emerging Jobs Report, jobs in data science have seen a 74% hiring increase over the last four years. That’s an astronomical rate, seeing as most jobs have a yearly growth rate in the single digits.

Udacity’s School of Data Science has a wide range of Nanodegree programs to choose from, covering everything about data from tech to business. If you fall on the business end of data analytics, check out the Business Analytics Nanodegree, which covers data dashboards, SQL, and data visualizations. Then, take the Predictive Analytics for Business Nanodegree program to dive into using business intelligence and data to solve real-world problems.

If you’re someone who enjoys technical challenges, start with the Data Scientist Nanodegree program, which introduces important concepts about data pipelines and models. Next, take the Data Engineering Nanodegree to learn more about big data, including cloud data warehouses and data lakes. If you’re feeling especially advanced, the Data Streaming Nanodegree program focuses on processing big data apps at scale.

3. Try a Business Course

Whether you’re already a business leader, or you are a technically inclined engineer with an interest in expanding your skillset to include business concepts, Udacity’s School of Business has a Nanodegree program for you.

Interested in getting into product management? Check out the Product Manager Nanodegree program to get started. If you already work as a product manager and want to upskill to get a promotion or a more specialized role, check out the Agile Software Development Nanodegree program to learn how to lead a team to build products faster and more efficiently. Or, check out some of the other PM Nanodegree programs, like Data Product Management and Growth Product Management.

Are you a little more on the artsy side of business? The UX Designer Nanodegree program or the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program could be the right option.
If you’re already a well-respected business leader, you can gain more skills by learning about cutting-edge technology that keeps businesses competitive. The Data Science for Business Leaders Nanodegree and the AI for Business Leaders Nanodegree are both great options for taking that next step.

Land Your Dream Job by 2021

Finding the perfect job is like a dream come true. If you’re having trouble finding that ideal role, don’t fret. There’s still time left in the year for you to upskill. You can learn the fundamentals of coding, dip your toes into data science, or try your hand at a business course. 

If none of those float your boat, check out our other Nanodegree programs. From cloud computing to artificial intelligence, you’re bound to find something to learn that will be sure to dazzle your prospective boss!

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Jennifer Shalamanov
Jennifer Shalamanov
Jennifer is a content writer at Udacity with over 10 years of content creation and marketing communications experience in the tech, e-commerce and online learning spaces. When she’s not working to inform, engage and inspire readers, she’s probably drinking too many lattes and scouring fashion blogs.