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Advance Your Career as a Natural Language Processing Expert

Master the skills to get computers to understand, process, and manipulate human language. Build models on real data, and get hands-on experience with sentiment analysis, machine translation, and more.

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    1 Three-Month Term

    Study 10-15 hrs/week and complete in 3 months.

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    April 9, 2019

    Classroom opens 7 days after enrollment closes

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Why Take This Nanodegree Program?

Over the course of this program, you’ll become an expert in the main components of Natural Language Processing, including speech recognition, sentiment analysis, and machine translation. You’ll learn to code probabilistic and deep learning models, train them on real data, and build a career-ready portfolio as an NLP expert!

Why Take This Nanodegree Program?

The Natural Language Processing market is predicted to reach $22.3 billion by 2025

Work on the Most Cutting-Edge Applications
Work on the Most Cutting-Edge Applications

Work on the Most Cutting-Edge Applications

Natural Language Processing is at the center of the AI revolution, as it provides a tool for humans to communicate with computers effectively. The industry is hungry for highly-skilled specialists, and you’ll begin making an impact right away.

Focus on Putting Your Skills to Work

Focus on Putting Your Skills to Work

Master Natural Language Processing techniques with the goal of applying those techniques immediately to real-world challenges and opportunities. This is efficient learning for the innovative and career-minded professional AI engineer.

Code Your Own Models
Code Your Own Models

Code Your Own Models

You’ll learn how to build and code natural language processing and speech recognition models in Python. You’ll complete three major natural language processing projects, and build a strong portfolio in the process.

Benefit From Personalized Project Reviews

Benefit From Personalized Project Reviews

The most effective way to learn is by having your code and solutions analyzed by AI experts who will give you powerful feedback in order to improve your understanding.

What You Will Learn

Download Syllabus

Start mastering Natural Language Processing!

Learn cutting-edge natural language processing techniques to process speech and analyze text. Build probabilistic and deep learning models, such as hidden Markov models and recurrent neural networks, to teach the computer to do tasks such as speech recognition, machine translation, and more!

Work on a variety of natural language processing techniques. Build models using probabilistic and deep learning techniques and apply them to speech recognition, machine translation, and more!

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3 Months to complete

Prerequisite Knowledge

This program requires experience with Python, statistics, machine learning, and deep learning.See detailed requirements.

  • Introduction to Natural Language Processing

    Learn text processing fundamentals, including stemming and lemmatization. Explore machine learning methods in sentiment analysis. Build a speech tagging model.

    Part of Speech Tagging
  • Computing with Natural Language

    Learn advanced techniques like word embeddings, deep learning attention, and more. Build a machine translation model using recurrent neural network architectures.

    Machine Translation
  • Communicating with Natural Language

    Learn voice user interface techniques that turn speech into text and vice versa. Build a speech recognition model using deep neural networks.

    Speech Recognizer
This new era of systems is one that is not about programmes. They can talk or ingest natural language, they can understand what they read and they can help us make decisions about areas to explore and finding answers.
— Steve Abrams, VP, Chief Data Scientist, United Technologies

Learn with the best

Luis Serrano
Luis Serrano

Curriculum Lead

Luis was formerly a Machine Learning Engineer at Google. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Michigan, and a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Quebec at Montreal.

Jay Alammar
Jay Alammar


Jay has a degree in computer science, loves visualizing machine learning concepts, and is the Investment Principal at STV, a $500 million venture capital fund focused on high-technology startups.

Arpan Chakraborty
Arpan Chakraborty


Arpan is a computer scientist with a PhD from North Carolina State University. He teaches at Georgia Tech (within the Masters in Computer Science program), and is a coauthor of the book Practical Graph Mining with R.

Dana Sheahen
Dana Sheahen


Dana is an electrical engineer with a Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. Her work experience includes software development for embedded systems in the Automotive Group at Motorola, where she was awarded a patent for an onboard operating system.

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Mansa kaur k.

This program is the best and well coordinated i have seen so far. The program is very concise, gives equal weightage to theoretical concepts and their practical applications. I am a data scientist who recently got the opportunity to work in NLP and was looking for a program who can help and guide me moving into this unknown domain. The program duration was apt for me to plan my workload and concentrate on this program. Thanks to this program and udacity team that i am able to understand the concepts and adding value to my work.

Shukhrat K.

Overall, great course and content. I learned a lot about RNNs, which I was really looking forward to. To make the program even better (at least for me), I would prefer having more mini projects , where one could practice building particular RNN architectures one by one to really get a detailed grasp of how they work and what their advantages and disadvantages are, before actually jumping into the course project.

Nidhin P.

A wonderful overview of NLP techniques. Good overview on state of the art techniques like LSTM, Attention. The last project (voice recognition) was an interesting application of what we learned.

Svetoslav K.

Excellent course!

Hieu M.


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Learn the essentials of natural language processing, including part-of-speech tagging, sentiment analysis, machine translation, and speech recognition.

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