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Nanodegree Programs

Industry credentials for today's tech job

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Master in-demand skills. Build and design amazing projects. Earn a valued credential. Launch your career in Data Science, Machine Learning, Android, iOS, and more. Be in demand.

How does the Nanodegree Program work?

  • Choose Your Nanodegree Program

    Choose your Nanodegree Program

    Every program is built to advance your career. Envision your perfect job, then choose your path.

  • Enjoy immediate support and reviews

    Enjoy immediate support and reviews

    Our Student Service, Career, and Project Review teams combine to ensure you succeed.

  • Join an amazing community

    Join an amazing community

    Connect with instructors and coaches in forums, and stay on track with the support of your peers.

  • Graduate with a valued credential

    Graduate with a valued credential

    Learn skills taught by industry leaders, and earn a credential recognized by industry leaders.

  • Land your dream job, launch your career!

    Land your dream job, launch your career!

    All Nanodegree students receive career support. Nanodegree Plus students receive a job guarantee.

Choose Your Program

  • Enroll in a Nanodegree program, graduate in under 12 months, get a 50% tuition refund.

  • Enroll in Nanodegree Plus, and get a job in 6 months, guaranteed.

  • Add Udacity Connect, and accelerate your success with in-person learning.

Our Nanodegree graduates work for amazing companies



works for: Google


works for: Intuit


works for: AT&T


works for: Adobe

Ye Tian

works for: Amazon


works for: Capital One


works for: Google


works for: Flipkart
  • Which Nanodegree program I should take?

    Each program we offer is designed to help you achieve goals, meet objectives, and succeed in your life and career. Whether you have a specific job in mind, or want to learn specific skills, the best way to decide is to envision your desired outcome, and then select the path that will get you there. Sometimes this is easy—you want to build Android apps, you take the Android Developer program! But if you’re not sure, we can guide you in the right direction. Our blog is a great resource for career pathing, and you can always email us at support@udacity.com. We’ll learn about your interests, your goals, and your experience, and make personalized recommendations on the best ways to move forward.

  • I’ve never programmed before. Can I still take a Nanodegree program?

    Yes! Our goal is to provide exactly the right learning experience for every student, and we offer several beginning programs that require no programming experience whatsoever. Each of these programs will equip you with foundational skills. In addition, they will help prepare you for an eventual career in technology, and/or allow you to enroll in a more advanced career-track Nanodegree program. Just go to our catalog, and filter for beginner!

  • If I take a Nanodegree program, does Udacity guarantee me a job?

    While all of our Nanodegree programs are built with your career success in mind, you must enroll in our Nanodegree Plus program to secure a jobs guarantee. Nanodegree Plus graduates are guaranteed a job within six months of their graduation date, or we refund 100% of their tuition. All Nanodegree program graduates receive extensive and personalized career support, and our extensive network of hiring partners are regularly hiring Udacity talent, but only the Nanodegree Plus program features the jobs guarantee.