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Data Product Manager

Nanodegree Program

Existing PMs wanting to get deeper tech expertise in the Data domain to be more self-sufficient during product development and maintenance process.

Existing PMs wanting to get deeper tech expertise in the Data domain to be more self-sufficient during product development and maintenance process.


3 months

Real-world Projects

Completion Certificate

Last Updated November 23, 2023

Skills you'll learn:
Data pipelines • Product KPIs • Cohort analysis • Data pipeline design
Tableau proficiency • Basic SQL • Basic spreadsheet use

Courses In This Program

Course 1 1 hour

Welcome to the Data Product Manager Nanodegree Program

Course 2 4 weeks

Applying Data Science to Product Management

In this course, you will apply the skills you learn to analyze data and create a business case in the form of a product proposal for a new flying taxi service in New York.

Course 3 4 weeks

Establishing Data Infrastructure

Building the right data infrastructure for your business is critical in today’s world in order to scale and deliver the quality and features your customers need. In this course you’ll learn how to identify your product’s data producers, anticipate the needs of your product’s data producers and work with your stakeholders to put together the right data pipeline to support your data needs. In the project you’ll put these skills together to create a data infrastructure plan for a new and exciting startup that will support its rapidly changing environment data requirements.

Course 4 4 weeks

Leveraging Data in Iterative Product Design

In this course, you will learn how to apply conversion funnels, perform segment analysis, and use both quantitative and qualitative data in the iterative design cycle to improve your product. In the project, you will have the opportunity to apply the skills you learn to identify areas for product improvements and design a future plan.

Taught By The Best

Photo of Anne Rynearson

Anne Rynearson

Sr. Product Manager at DISQO

Anne has 6+ years' experience in product management in the software industry, including EdTech and market research industries. She is an agile leader experienced in launching and growing both consumer and enterprise-facing products.

Photo of JJ Miclat

JJ Miclat

Sr. Product Manager at Zendesk

JJ is a product leader obsessed with creating simple, novel solutions for the world's most challenging issues. He's sunk his teeth into analytics & data product management for Beats Music, Apple, VSCO, & Collective Health.

Photo of Vaishali Agarwal

Vaishali Agarwal

Product Manager at Expedia

Vaishali has 12+ years' experience in tech eco-system ranging from product management, product development, content writing to coding. She is experienced in building platforms, high performance start-up divisions, streamlined operations, and managing customer expectations.

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