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We turn talent into greatness.

Udacity changes lives, organizations, and nations through digital upskilling, developing the edge you need to conquer what's next.

Upskilling talent for the careers of the future

Udacity began when Stanford instructors Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig had a revolutionary idea to offer their "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" course online—to anyone, for free.

Over 160,000 students in more than 190 countries enrolled, demanding a new way to deliver education. A startling discovery emerged: The top 400 students weren’t from Stanford. This revelation sparked a mission to make lifelong learning more equitable and inclusive. Udacity has been expanding opportunities ever since. Udacity is now part of Accenture.

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Driving outcomes that empower learners, organizations and nations

Udacity’s proven playbook is globally scalable, addressing the widespread digital talent shortages that impact growth, productivity, and innovation. We collaborate with enterprises and highly motivated individuals to design a tailored talent transformation journey enabled by our Digital Competency Platform.

Our exclusive content is co-created and continually refined with industry leaders. Each Udacity program is deeply focused—eliminating guesswork in selecting the right course. Projects go far beyond step-by-step guides, cultivating the critical thinking required for workplace relevance. Expert mentors unblock learning with personalized support, and verify complete mastery of competencies.

Our Team

Our leadership team comes together with one goal: to help learners, organizations, and nations prepare for and strengthen the digital workforce of the next generation.

Derrick Alesevich

Chief Legal and Administrative Officer

Michael Conway

VP, Content

Hisham Elaraby

Chief Financial Officer

Katie McGinnis

VP, People

Victoria Papalian

Chief Operating Officer

James Richards

Chief Technology Officer

Kai Roemmelt

Chief Executive Officer

Sebastian Thrun

Founder and Board Member

At Udacity, we are forging futures in tech

We are delivering impactful and cutting edge tech education that enables individuals and organizations to unlock their potential.

Be Outcome Obsessed

Center our actions around our customers and learners. Derive motivation from and be guided by measurable outcomes.

Embrace Curiosity

Champion ongoing learning, challenge norms, and encourage healthy debate to foster a workplace of innovation and exploration.

Take the Lead

Give the power to ourselves and others to speak up, take data-driven risks, innovate, and embrace change.

Celebrate the Assist

Collaborate with compassion, respect, and trust. Celebrate the unseen work that makes victories possible.

Social Impact

Udacity is on a mission to forge futures in tech.

Udacity works with individuals, organizations, and governments interested in upskilling for what's next. In doing so, we drive favorable career outcomes for individual learners, scaled digital transformation for organizations, and meaningful economic change for governments around the globe. And what's more, Udacity's scholarships ensure that those we don't reach through these channels still have a chance to benefit from Udacity's programs.


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