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Udacity for Business

Transform your workforce into a cross-functional powerhouse.

We provide a foundational business education for your technical people and bring your new hires up to speed.


Be more competitive in a technology-forward world.

Beyond upskilling your technical employees in data science, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, Udacity's School of Business offers learning opportunities for your entire workforce. From training new hires in digital marketing and the fundamentals of UI design to giving engineers a head start into a career in product management, you can ensure that all your teams have the strategic chops to succeed in the digital transformation.

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Your path to a strong business foundation.


New Hires

Upskill your new hires in tech business essentials like digital marketing, agile software development and UX design to fill in knowledge gaps and create a shared baseline of understanding. The payoff? Your team will be able to innovate faster and work more efficiently.

Meet your digital transformation goals today.

Trusted by millions of learners and top industry leaders.


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We deliver a customizable learning solution to meet your business goals.

Consultative approach

tailored to your unique needs

  • We partner with you to gain a deep understanding of existing skills gaps.
  • Our solution architects then curate learning programs based on your specific business objectives.

Project-based learning

with industry leaders

  • Learners gain critical thinking and hands-on skills.
  • Courses are co-created with top tech companies and industry professionals.
  • Skills can be applied to real scenarios almost immediately.

Learning verification

by technically trained mentors

  • 1400+ mentor program has been refined over 10 years.
  • Questions answered within 1 hour or less, so learning remains unblocked.
  • Line-by-line code feedback verifies learning and ensures subject-matter knowledge.

Find out how Udacity can help you tackle digital transformation today.