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Udacity for Autonomous Systems

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We created our curriculum with leading brands like BMW and Mercedes Benz and experts like Udacity’s own founder Sebastian Thrun.

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Build automated systems that work better, safer and faster.

We’ve designed our courses in self-driving car engineering and sensors in collaboration with industry-leading partners like Mercedes-Benz, Nvidia and McLaren to ensure a first-in-class educational experience. Companies in the automotive, manufacturing and warehousing industries have all used Udacity to train their employees in the development and deployment of automated systems.

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Your path to a strong autonomous systems foundation.


Automotive & Trucking

Autonomous Driving (AD) systems are a rapidly advancing technology, yet there are still significant technical challenges to getting AD vehicles on the road. Whether it’s developing “hands-off” but eyes-on-the-road AD that assists drivers or fully self-driving trucks, automakers need talent with the skills to build these systems now more than ever.


Suppliers & OEMs

Automotive suppliers must keep pace with industry changes to deliver the hardware and software the cars of the future require, like electric drivetrains, driver assistance and electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Tier 1 suppliers—those who sell parts directly to automakers—know they must future-proof their workforces as they face competition from numerous Silicon Valley startups.



Robotics and automation technology improve safety, speed and consistency in the manufacturing industry. They free up human workers from mundane, repetitive tasks and create additional opportunities for innovation.


Connected Vehicles

Connected vehicles—part of the ever-evolving field of the Internet of Things (IoT)—will soon be able to perform tasks like communicating with street lights and other infrastructure and aid in making daily purchases like gas and groceries. Cars will also monitor maintenance issues such as tire pressure and oil quality as well as suggest locations for service and pricing.

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