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Udacity for Cybersecurity

Upskill your teams & prevent cyber attacks.

A more effective approach to upskilling teams.

We provide a project-based approach that spans all skill levels, and our content is co-created by more than 300 industry experts, many of whom helped shape Silicon Valley. What’s more, with new Nanodegree programs coming out every quarter, we are continuously on the cutting edge of digital skills. Regardless of where you are in your digital transformation journey, we’ve got a solution to address your needs and skills gaps.

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  • 25Courses
  • 25Unique projects

Your path to a strong cybersecurity foundation.

Retrain and retain valuable employees

Safeguard your organization by upskilling critical teams, like IT, who have related expertise and already understand your systems and company needs. You’ll also retain valuable employees by providing learning and high-growth opportunities that boost engagement, satisfaction and performance.

Improve org-wide best practices

Ensuring a strong security posture throughout your entire organization is more important than ever. Whether launching new products, creating data storing solutions or uploading sensitive data, employees who are well-trained in cybersecurity best practices can significantly decrease your chances of a breach.

Enable innovation

A skilled cyber threat team has business value beyond security. Instead of becoming a barrier, your team can clear a secure path for innovation, accelerate time-to-market and improve business opportunities.

Ensure cybersecurity compliance

Companies are increasingly being held accountable for non-compliance, so meeting General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and other regulatory requirements is crucial. Create a security team that can help address compliance — not only saving your company from costly breaches, but also expensive lawsuits and fines.

Meet your digital transformation goals today.

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We deliver a customizable learning solution to meet your business goals.

Consultative approach

tailored to your unique needs

  • We partner with you to gain a deep understanding of existing skills gaps.
  • Our solution architects then curate learning programs based on your specific business objectives.

Project-based learning

with industry leaders

  • Learners gain critical thinking and hands-on skills.
  • Courses are co-created with top tech companies and industry professionals.
  • Skills can be applied to real scenarios almost immediately.

Learning verification

by technically trained mentors

  • 1400+ mentor program has been refined over 10 years.
  • Questions answered within 1 hour or less, so learning remains unblocked.
  • Line-by-line code feedback verifies learning and ensures subject-matter knowledge.

Find out how Udacity can help you tackle digital transformation today.