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Become a cross-functional force through business training. Today’s business objectives are achieved with user research, design, distribution, analysis, and strategy. Whether you’re getting started or advancing your career, you’ll establish the right foundations with business courses from Udacity’s School of Business.

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In Demand Skill Sets

For anyone who wishes to take online business courses to launch or advance a successful career as a digital marketer. After graduating, you'll be ready to join a large corporation or a small firm—or even go independent as a freelance digital marketer.

Steps To Become A Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Digital Marketing


    6 months

    , Beginner

    Step 1

    Skills Covered

    Social media advertising, Content calendars, Social media marketing platforms, Social media content, Digital marketing campaign evaluation, Target personas, Social media marketing, Social media campaign objectives, Facebook ads, Social media marketing metrics, Social media community management, Leveraging social media influencers, Marketing objectives, Marketing channels, Marketing fundamentals, Customer journey maps, Value proposition, Marketing metrics, Empathy maps, Email contact forms, Email marketing metrics, Email marketing content, Mailchimp, A/B testing, Google ads, Native advertising, Ad campaign management, Audience targeting, Programmatic display advertising, Display advertising, Video advertising, Search text ads, Cost per click, Search engine ad ranking, Keyword lists, Dynamic search ads, Digital marketing metrics, Search engine optimization, SEO audits, Link building, Utm codes, Audience evaluation, MarTech fluency, Google analytics fundamentals, Marketing KPIs, Conversion tracking, Agile marketing, Competitive analysis, Branding strategy, Content marketing strategy

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  • Step 2

    Skills Covered

    Marketing macro-analytics, Marketing analytics, Digital marketing metrics, Marketing metrics, Marketing channels, Earned media metrics, Aarrr metrics framework, Paid marketing metrics, Marketing data collection, Forecast modeling in spreadsheets, Data validation in spreadsheets, Tableau interactive dashboards, Tableau field organization and customization, Data visualization design, Chart selection, Tableau storypoint, Tableau calculated fields, Data storytelling, Tableau data pane, Tableau map-based visualizations, Tableau visualizations, Pivot tables, Chart types, Inferential statistics, Spreadsheet functions, Quantitative data visualization, Basic descriptive statistics, Basic spreadsheet use, Categorical data visualization, Professional presentations

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Popular Business Programs

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Business Across Industries

  • New Hires

    • New hires gain tech business essentials like digital marketing, agile software development, and UX design.
    • Learn a shared baseline of understanding among your colleagues for quicker innovation and more efficient work.
  • Engineers

    • Technical employees get opportunities to grow by launching into product management careers, including cutting-edge areas like AI and data product management.
    • Engineering staff can train in Predictive Analytics for Business, a Nanodegree program that teaches how to use technical skills to solve business problems.
  • Leadership

    • Company leaders can develop connections between departments through a baseline understanding of specialties across teams.
    • Managers and mentors can grow a deeper understanding of employees' day-to-day work, increasing communication and planning for growth.

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