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Cloud Computing

Today, all companies, big and small, are adopting cloud computing to enable their digital transformation. The growth of this technology has created incredible demand for cloud specialists, from cloud developers and cloud DevOps roles to more specialized roles such as solutions architects and cloud security engineers. Build solutions for Azure, AWS, or hybrid systems.

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In Demand Skill Sets

Learn cloud computing skills that you need to build and deploy production-ready full stack apps at scale, leveraging microservices, Kubernetes clusters, and serverless application technology.

Steps To Become A Cloud Developer

  • Cloud Developer


    3 months

    , Intermediate

    Step 1

    Skills Covered

    Kubernetes, Microservices architecture design, Microservices debugging, CI/CD, Cloud observability, Docker, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Travis ci, AWS lambda, AWS cloudformation, Auth0, Application authentication, AWS secrets manager, Serverless cloud computing architecture, Event-driven architecture, Jwts, Amazon DynamoDB, REST APIs, Serverless development, Amazon s3, Integration testing, AWS elastic beanstalk, Git, Cloud security in AWS, Amazon rds, Coding best practices, Unit testing, Cloud computing fluency, Cloud autoscaling, Vpc, Cloud load balancing, Amazon elastic compute cloud, Identity and access management fundamentals, Amazon simple notification service, Amazon vpc, AWS IAM, Amazon web services basics, AWS cli, Iam policies, Computer networking basics, Cloud deployment models, Iam users

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  • Step 2

    Skills Covered

    AWS availability zones, Cloud security in AWS, Terraform, Cloud performance management, AWS cost explorer, Cloud computing fluency, AWS key management service, Data encryption in AWS, AWS IAM, AWS cli, AWS autoscaling, Infrastructure as code, AWS lambda, Amazon CloudWatch, Disaster recovery plans, Amazon vpc, Recovery point objective, Recovery time objective, AWS encryption sdk, Principle of least privilege, Amazon inspector, Iam policies, AWS waf, AWS config, Network access control lists, Amazon guardduty, AWS security hub, DevSecOps in AWS, AWS vpn, Amazon rds, Amazon s3, Amazon ECS, Lucidchart, Amazon elastic compute cloud, AWS server migration, Iam roles, Iam users, AWS cloudtrail, Cloud availability

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Popular Cloud Computing Programs

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Cloud Computing Across Industries

  • AWS

    • If AWS plays a critical role in your organization’s cloud computing strategy, upskill your team in AWS cloud architecture.
    • Employees learn to plan, design, and implement secure cloud infrastructure in AWS at scale with project-based learning in our various cloud computing courses.
  • Azure

    • The Cloud Developer using Microsoft Azure Nanodegree program teaches students how to build, deploy, migrate, and monitor applications on Azure to prepare them for Microsoft’s AZ-204 Azure Developer Associate Expert certification exam.
    • The more advanced Cloud DevOps using Microsoft Azure Nanodegree program instructs on how to test and monitor Azure cloud applications to prepare students for the AZ-400 DevOps Engineer Expert certification exam.
  • Microservices, Infrastructure, and Open Source Tools

    • Train teams to develop modern cloud architecture and applications that deliver better performance, scalability, reliability, and security than on-premise networks.
    • Transform your talent with cloud computing programs emphasizing job-ready skills in cloud DevOps engineering, hybrid cloud engineering, and cloud-native application architecture.

Programs Co-created With Cloud Computing Leaders.

MicrosoftAWSSUSENutanixGoogle Cloud

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