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Our open-ended projects are modeled after real-world workplace scenarios, and require in-depth critical thinking and creative solutions.

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Every project receives personalized feedback from industry experts, and our mentors are available to answer questions whenever you're feeling stuck.

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  • Udacity helped me gain on-the-job confidence, build a portfolio, and earn a microcredential to share with prospective employers.

    Ben, Business Analyst Nanodegree program graduate
  • I started with the basics, completed a Nanodegree program, and gained so much experience. I'm now in a new Android job!

    Mahmoud, Android Developer Nanodegree program graduate
  • Udacity gave me the tools to advance my career--I am now spearheading a machine learning research team at my company.

    Matthew, Machine Learning Nanodegree Program graduate
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  • Hands-on project-based approach
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Udacity creates job opportunities with GDP impact for nations embracing the global digital era.

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