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Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Nanodegree Program

The Full Stack JavaScript Developer Nanodegree program will equip learners with everything a developer needs to build rich experiences delivered with the web using modern architecture and technology.

The Full Stack JavaScript Developer Nanodegree program will equip learners with everything a developer needs to build rich experiences delivered with the web using modern architecture and technology.


4 months

Real-world Projects

Completion Certificate

Last Updated June 20, 2024

Skills you'll learn:

API development • AWS elastic beanstalk • Angular cli • Scripting


Basic typescript • HTTP • Command line interface basics

Courses In This Program

Course 1 1 hour

Welcome to the Fullstack Javascript Nanodegree Program

Lesson 1

An Introduction to Your Nanodegree Program

Welcome! We're so glad you're here. Join us in learning a bit more about what to expect and ways to succeed.

Lesson 2

Getting Help

You are starting a challenging but rewarding journey! Take 5 minutes to read how to get help with projects and content.

Course 2 4 weeks

Backend Development with Node.js

This course introduces the fundamental tools needed to build a basic API in a way that is both scalable, and maintainable. You will work with Node.js and its core modules, write TypeScript for developer error reduction, test with Jasmine to introduce unit testing in a Test-Driven Development environment, and use Express as a framework for building APIs.

Lesson 1

Foundations of Backend Development

Discover the tools that make backend development possible. You'll learn how those tools are used throughout the course and how they'll set you up to write clear, maintainable code.

Lesson 2

Getting Started with Node.JS

Learn how JavaScript is used serverside with Node.js. You'll work with the tools Node.js provides as well as integrate third-party packages to create the backend for your applications.

Lesson 3

Developing with TypeScript

Take advantage of strict typing by learning to write TypeScript, one of the most popular for application development. You'll write code in a way that reduces errors and expresses your intentions.

Lesson 4

Unit Testing with Jasmine

Explore the software development testing paradigm. You'll learn how Jasmine can be used as a Test-Driven Development framework for writing server-side unit tests to create bug-free maintainable code.

Lesson 5

Building a Server

Build a server with the Express framework. You'll learn how APIs are architected and create and use middleware for expanded functionality. Finally, you'll learn to read and write to the file system.

Lesson 6 • Project

Image Processing API

Create an API that takes advantage of all the tools you have learned in this course. You'll create an image processing API that resizes and saves images to user specifications when visiting a URL

Course 3 4 weeks

Creating an API with PostgreSQL and Express

This course covers the primary skills required for API development. Students will build a RESTful JSON API with Node and Postgres. Along the way, you will cover essential topics like databases and querying, API architecture, database migrations, REST, CRUD, creating a testing environment, password hashing and route authorization via JWTs. By completing the exercises and course content, students will gain the knowledge to create a secure, well organized API from scratch and learn skills JavaScript developers use every day.

Lesson 1

Introduction to Building APIs with Postgres and Express

Welcome to the very beginning of the APIs with Postgres course! In this lesson we will kick things off by talking about the course contents and requirements, and all get on the same page with APIs.

Lesson 2

Databases and SQL

This lesson will focus solely on databases. We'll cover various types of databases, each with their own strengths and then hone our attention in on SQL and the relational database Postgres.

Lesson 3

Create an API with a PostgreSQL connection

You know some Postgres and Node. This lesson is all about getting them to talk to each other. We will cover many vital web development concepts and create a clean and dependable API structure.

Lesson 4

Create an API with Express

Making the data in our database accessible to the outside world is the whole job of our API. In this lesson we cover the libraries and logic needed to make our API able to respond to outside requests.

Lesson 5

Authentication and Authorization in a Node API

No API is complete without offering adequate protection and privacy. This lesson is all about industry standard methods for protecting information and requiring authorization for private pages

Lesson 6

SQL for advanced API functionality

Now that you've seen the bigger picture for utilizing Postgres and Node to create an API, we circle back around to explore some new Postgres syntax and apply it in the API.

Lesson 7 • Project

Build A Storefront Backend

Imagine yourself as a developer at a small company where you and your coworker are building a shopping app. Your task is to use the skills and knowledge from this course to create the API.

Course 4 4 weeks

Angular Fundamentals

Lesson 1

Foundations of Angular Development

Discover what Angular is, and how it can be used to build dynamic web applications. You'll also learn about the structure of this course, as well as some tools to help you become successful.

Lesson 2

Angular Overview

Explore the Angular CLI, a powerful tool that developers use to build Angular applications from the command line. Leveraging the Angular CLI, you'll also generate your first components and modules.

Lesson 3


Take a deep dive into the building blocks of an Angular application's user interface. Discover templates, the component lifecycle, events, and the communication and navigation between components.

Lesson 4

Libraries & Services

Create reusable services to contain an application's non-UI business logic. Extend your applications with the use of third-party libraries and other dependencies.

Lesson 5


Fetch data asynchronously using HTTP, and render it in your application. You'll also collect and validate input from your users with template-driven forms.

Lesson 6 • Project

My Store

Build a fully-functional Angular project to show off your new skills. The MyStore project covers everything you've learned about components, modules, services, HTTP, and user input.

Taught By The Best

Photo of Andrew Wong

Andrew Wong

Software Engineer

Andrew is a full stack engineer who enjoys making the world a better place through code. He first discovered his passion for teaching as an instructor at App Academy, and continues to enjoy empowering students to advance their education.

Photo of Rachel Manning

Rachel Manning


Rachel is a full stack freelance developer and educator where she spent 3 years as a bootcamp curriculum developer while developing full stack freelance projects. An advocate for continued learning, she is passionate about mentoring women and underserved community in technology.

Photo of  Guillaume Bibeau

Guillaume Bibeau

Senior Staff Engineer at MetaMask

Gui Bibeau is a staff software engineer at MetaMask, leading the portfolio offering. With experience in solutions engineering at Vercel and developer relations at MetaMask, he's a seasoned expert in blockchain and web3. Gui has judged hackathons and participated in panels at events like Web3 Dubai and ETH Denver. A McGill University graduate, he brings technical expertise and innovation to his work in decentralized autonomous organizations, DeFi, and decentralized AI.

Photo of Alyssa Hope

Alyssa Hope


Alyssa is a full stack developer who was previously the lead instructor at a coding bootcamp. With a degree in International Communications, her passion is to express thoughts well, whether in code or writing.

Ratings & Reviews

Average Rating: 4.7 Stars

75 Reviews

Ahmed A.

June 18, 2022

good program to start the course

Omar O.

June 11, 2022

i like this program

Jon M.

May 6, 2022

Program is going well. Certainly taking me longer than I expected due to lack of available time. However I feel like I am learning a lot.

Ishan L.

May 2, 2022

Its going good. Yes it had us go thru a lot of material. hope the industry recognizes it and hires us.

hesham a.

April 24, 2022

very well structured

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