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Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers

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Language fundamentals for developers

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Android Kotlin Developer

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About this course

Learn the essentials of the Kotlin programming language from Kotlin experts at Google. Kotlin is a modern and concise JVM language that supports functional programming paradigms. Whether you’re a Java developer or a programmer in another object-oriented language, this course will teach you the essential language features that has made Kotlin so popular with developers. By the end of this course, you’ll gain the skills you need to build your next project in Kotlin.

What you will learn

  1. Welcome
    • Set up Intellij, the IDE that we will use in this course
    • Understand the major benefits of learning and using Kotlin
  2. Kotlin Basics
    • Use the Kotlin interpreter to get comfortable with basic language features
    • Write Kotlin statements and expressions
    • Learn about basic syntax, data types, variables, operators, control structures, and nullability
  3. Functions
    • Create and call functions with default and variable arguments
    • Use when constructs and create single-line functions
    • Pass functions as arguments, and program simple lambdas
  4. Classes
    • Learn how object-oriented programming works in Kotlin
    • Build private and public classes, including abstract classes and interfaces
    • Understand data classes and special purposes classes
  5. Kotlin Essentials: Beyond the Basics
    • Understand how to define constants and work with collections
    • Learn how to write extensions
    • Dive into generic classes and functions, and use annotations and labeled breaks
  6. Functional Manipulation
    • Deep dive into lambdas and higher order functions in Kotlin
    • Learn about inline functions and Single Abstract Method interfaces

Prerequisites and requirements

You should know a modern, object-oriented statically typed programming language like Java, C++, or Python. It's best if you have been programming for at least 1 year, and are comfortable with an IDE, such as IntelliJ or Android Studio.

You must be able to install the latest version of the JDK and the latest version of IntelliJ IDEA CE (Community Edition), which is the IDE that is used in the course.

See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity.

Why take this course?

Kotlin is an open-source, modern programming language that lets developers use both object-oriented and functional programming techniques. It is concise, safe, and fully interoperable with Java. Kotlin is an official language for Android development, and can be used in a variety of other applications, from back-end development to data analysis. The community of Kotlin developers is growing rapidly, with major companies like Netflix, Pinterest, and Google using Kotlin.

This free course was developed by Kotlin experts at Google, and will teach you the language fundamentals you need to start developing your own projects in Kotlin. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to build basic programs in Kotlin, using key language features including, classes, collections, lambdas, higher-order functions, and extensions.

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