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Let’s transform the workforce of tomorrow—together.

Choose the way you want to work together.

We offer distinct partnership types & work with organizations ranging from local governments to Fortune 500 companies.

Content partnership

Co-develop a Nanodegree program with Udacity covering an area where your organization has digital expertise.

Societal impact partnership

Offer fully-paid Nanodegree program scholarships to your employees or to members of the greater community.

Affiliate partnership

Earn commissions on purchases by referring prospective talent to our site.

Marketing partnership

Run joint marketing campaigns or build platform integrations in collaboration with Udacity.

Technology partnership

Work with the Udacity team to build tools or experiences within your platform for your customers to learn.

Joint sales partnership

Collaborate to offer talent transformation opportunties to mutual clients.

Partner with us and enhance your brand.

  • Leverage best-in-class content and expert thought leadership

  • Drive digital transformation and help increase access to meaningful career growth opportunities

  • Increase brand awareness and broaden your organization’s reach around the world

  • Build connections with talent, companies and governments using Udacity

Help advance your community.

  • Give opportunities for career advancement and increased earning potential

  • Provide offerings on the latest technical subjects and products

  • Unlock greater employee satisfaction while improving commitment, retention, and morale

Meet our partners.

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Let's create the workforce of the future, today.

Together, we can help people and organizations around the world be better prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow.