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Our hiring partners are some of the most forward-looking companies in the world, and they're looking for Udacity graduates to fill critical roles today.

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What our hiring partners are saying:
  • "We're proud to partner with Udacity on the Robotics Nanodegree program to hire the brightest minds who will help us create the brightest future."

    — Travis Coomer, VP Engineering & Technology
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  • "We've been blown away by the calibre of students we've seen from Udacity's existing Nanodegree programs, and we're looking forward to meeting this new generation of robotics engineers."

    — Andrew Gray, Director of Engineering
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  • "We are excited to partner with Udacity to get access to a global pipeline of talented individuals prepared to kick off a career in digital marketing."

    — Clara Jacobasch, Employer Branding
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How do hiring partnerships work?

For hiring partners, these relationships provide competitively advantageous opportunities to connect directly with uniquely qualified Nanodegree program graduates.

For graduates, these partnerships represent a unique opportunity to benefit from fast-tracked consideration for open roles at partner companies. This affords graduates a distinct leg up in their job searches.

How do hiring partnerships work?

At Udacity, our goal is to make the connection between learning and jobs as direct—and as meaningful—as possible. We work closely with our hiring partners to ensure our programs always focus on the most important skills, tools, and technologies, so you have the best chance possible to land the job of your dreams. We know from our partners what roles are open, which recruiters and managers are hiring for them, and what kind of candidates they're looking for. We get you those critical details, so you can apply directly.

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Hiring Partners FAQ


Over 50 Hiring Partners and Counting!

  • 1mg

  • Amazon Alexa

  • AT&T

  • Auro Robotics

  • AutonomouStuff

  • BMW

  • Bosch

  • Capital One

  • CI&T

  • CrowdAI

  • Dataspeed

  • Delphi

  • Didi Chuxing

  • Elektrobit

  • Fiat Chrysler


  • HCL

  • HERE

  • IBM Latam

  • IBM Watson

  • Innovation Works

  • iRobot

  • Kuka

  • LeEco

  • Local Motors

  • Lockheed Martin

  • Lucid VR

  • Mercedes

  • McLaren Applied Technologies

  • Mobvoi

  • NIO

  • Nod

  • nuTonomy


  • Paytm

  • PolySync

  • Priceline

  • Rakuten

  • Renovo

  • Ross Intelligence

  • Samsung

  • SAP

  • Slack

  • Telefonica Brasil

  • Telefonica Germany

  • Uber ATG

  • Upload

  • Velodyne

  • X

  • Zalando


  • Zomato

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