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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Professional

Free Course

Gain new expertise in architecting infrastructure using OCI services.

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About this course

This course will help you gain strong knowledge through hands-on experience with architecting infrastructure using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services.

Building on your skills obtained from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate course, explore deeper into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services to design and implement a secure and scalable cloud solution that meets HA and DR requirements.

Design secure networks with disaster recovery options, explore advanced database features on OCI, N-tier applications, microservices, and serverless architecture. Also explore the gamut of new services and features on OCI such as:

  • Kubernetes Networking with OKE
  • Functions
  • Budgets quotas
  • Resource manager
  • OS Management Service
  • OCI API, SDK, and CLI
  • Monitoring, observability, and alerting in OCI
  • Tagging in OCI
  • Traffic management
  • Access to Microsoft Azure
  • Migrate on-premises workloads to OCI
  • OCI Vaults
  • Edge services and web application firewall

What you will learn

  1. Oracle Cloud Free Tier Account
    • Sign up for an Oracle Cloud free tier account.
    • Walk through OCI Console.
  2. Design and Implement a Real-World Network Architecture
    • Build a network architecture.
  3. Design Scalable and Elastic Resilient Solutions for HA and DR
    • Learn about high availability and disaster recovery.
  4. Design Cloud-Native, Microservices, & Serverless Architecture
    • Overview microservices architecture.
    • Understand containerization.
    • Manage OCIR.
    • Create OKE cluster and deploy apps to OKE.
    • Understand functions: overview, concepts, triggers, and use cases.
    • Learn about API Gateway; create and monitor APIs.
  5. Deliver Infrastructure-as-code
    • Get an introduction to Terraform and configurations.
    • Explore OCI Resource Manager.
    • Sync Resource Manager and infrastructure.
  6. Deploy Oracle Database Cloud Service
    • Explore custom database software images and DB security.
    • Learn about ExaCS DB changes.
    • Learn about DBCS (monitoring metrics and events).
    • Dive into DBCS cloning.
  7. Deploy Oracle Autonomous Database
    • Learn about provisioning and scaling.
    • Learn about cloning, backup, restore, and patching.
    • Explore Autonomous Data Guard.
    • Understand database actions.
  8. Design for Hybrid Cloud Architecture
    • Explore the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (overview, use cases, and SDDC deployment).
    • Access Microsoft Azure.
  9. Migrate On-Premises Workloads to OCI
    • Learn about data migration (offline transport and online transport).
    • Learn methods and best practices of database migration.
    • Migrate to OCI DBCS.
  10. Design for Security and Compliance
    • Learn concepts and policies of OCI WAF.
    • Dive into certificates and OS Management.
    • Understand vulnerability scanning.
    • Explore Oracle Data Safe in OCI.
  11. Real-World Architectures
    • Explore hub-spoke architecture.
    • Explore HPC architecture.
    • Explore security architecture.
  12. Prepare for OCI Architect Professional Certification
    • Prep for certification.
    • Practice with sample exam questions.
  13. Continue Your Journey
    • What's next?

Why take this course?

This course covers architecting infrastructure using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. It will provide you hands-on experience in working with core OCI service and build on the skills you learned from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate course.

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