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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations

Free Course

Develop foundational knowledge of OCI Cloud Services.

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About this course

This course helps you develop a strong foundation in cloud computing while introducing you to core concepts and features of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).It also enables you to describe the key features and components of OCI, identify the core OCI service offerings, and understand OCI security model. Plus, you’ll learn the OCI compliance structure and dive deep into OCI pricing, support model, and operations.

What you will learn

  1. OCI Introduction
    • Overview of OCI.
    • Learn about OCI Architecture.
  2. Oracle Cloud Free Tier Account
    • Sign up for an Oracle Cloud free tier account.
    • Walk through OCI Console.
  3. Identity & Access Management
    • Identity concepts and resources related to OCI IAM.
    • Learn about compartments.
    • Differentiate between AuthN and AuthZ.
    • Explore tenancy setup.
  4. Networking
    • Learn the concept of routing.
    • Dive into security lists and Network Security Group (NSG).
    • Understand the purpose of a network load balancer.
  5. Compute
    • Learn instance basics.
    • Differentiate vertical scaling and autoscaling.
    • Ecplore OS Management, patch management, and package management.
  6. Storage
    • Learn about OCI Object Storage and OCI File Storage.
    • Explore block volume tiers and encrypted block volumes.
    • Learn about data migration.
  7. Database
    • Study autonomous databases.
    • Dive into virtual machines and bare metal options.
    • Explore MySQL Database Service.
  8. Application Development
    • Learn about developer services.
    • Learn about Oracle Container Engine.
    • Explore API Gateway, functions, and Resource Manager.
  9. Observability & Management
    • Explore Oracle's monitoring service.
    • Understand metrics and alarms.
    • Understand logging analytics.
  10. Analytics and AI
    • Study data integration.
    • Explore data flow and data catalog capabilities.
    • Explore data science concepts.
  11. Security
    • Learn about security zones and security advisor.
    • Understand vulnerability scanning.
    • Learn about keys, Vault, OCI WAF, and OCI Bastion.
  12. Hybrid Cloud
    • Understand dedicated regions.
    • Explore Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.
  13. Governance & Administration
    • Learn about pricing models.
    • Learn about cost management.
    • Learn the concept of tagging.
  14. Prepare for OCI Foundations Associate Certification
    • Prep for certification.
    • Practice sample exam questions.
  15. Continue Your Journey
    • What's next?

Prerequisites and requirements

No prerequisites required for this course. Anyone who is interested in learning the basics of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can enroll.

See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity.

Why take this course?

Develop a strong foundation in cloud computing with knowledge of core concepts and features of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Learn with the best.

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