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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate

Free Course

Uplevel with in-demand OCI skills that can help you advance your career.

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About this course

Develop key insights into key concepts and features of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Identify how the OCI's global distribution of infrastructure components can assist your enterprise.

  • Kickstart your journey on Oracle Cloud by getting to know its architecture and user management.
  • Learn about the basics of VCN and network security.
  • Learn about the concepts of load balancer and traffic management.
  • Know more about the OCI Compute and storage options.
  • Explore the concepts of autoscaling and OS management.
  • Deep dive into the databases on Oracle Cloud and their applications.
  • Secure the OCI infrastructure using WAF.
  • Monitor infrastructure and applications using the observability and management platform on OCI.

What you will learn

  1. OCI Introduction
    • Get an overview of OCI.
    • Dive into OCI architecture.
  2. Oracle Cloud Free Tier Account
    • Sign up for an Oracle Cloud free tier account.
    • Walk through the OCI Console.
  3. Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • Learn about IAM, AuthN, and AuthZ.
    • Understand compartments, policies, and network services.
    • Explore tag-based access control and dynamic groups.
  4. Networking: Virtual Cloud Network
    • Learn about VCN, security lists, and NSG.
    • Understand concepts like Bastion and gateways (internet, service, and NAT).
    • Explore route tables.
  5. Networking: Connectivity
    • Learn about connectivity options.
    • Understand the concept of dynamic routing gateway.
    • Understand the concept of remote peering connection.
    • Explore site-to-site VPN, VPN Connect, and FastConnect.
  6. Networking: Load Balancer
    • Get introduced to load balancers.
    • Dive into the concepts of public and private load balancers.
    • Become versed in load balancer policies and health checks.
    • Learn about Network Load Balancing.
  7. Networking: DNS Management
    • Learn about OCI DNS Management.
    • Undersatand public DNS and private DNS zones.
    • Grasp traffic management.
  8. Networking: Other Services
    • Explore the Inter-region Latency dashboard.
    • Learn about the Network Visualizer tool.
    • Explore IPv6 with Oracle.
    • Build knowledge about BYOIP.
    • Understand VCN flow logs.
  9. Compute
    • Get an overview of compute services.
    • Learn to use the platform and custom images.
    • Understand the difference between bare metal, VM, and dedicated hosts.
    • Explore dedicated VM hosts.
    • Understand vertical and autoscaling in terms of computing.
    • Explore the OS Management Service.
    • Learn about shielded instances.
  10. Object Storage
    • Learn about object storage resources and characteristics.
    • Learn about managing buckets and objects.
    • Explore object storage tiers and auto-tiering.
    • Understand object lifecycle management.
    • Grasp object storage replication.
    • Learn about object storage retention rules and logging.
    • Understand securing object storage.
  11. Block Storage
    • Get an overview of block volume and boot volume.
    • Explore block volume performance, backups, and clones.
    • Understand cross region replication.
    • Understand volume groups and encryption.
  12. File Storage
    • Dive into file storage concepts and NFS export options.
    • Understand file system paths, snapshots, and cloning.
    • Learn about in-transit encryption.
    • Learn about file storage security.
    • Understand file system usage and metering.
  13. Database
    • Get introduced to OCI database services.
    • Dive into DB systems: provisioning, operations, and maintenance.
    • Explore autonomous database provisioning and administration.
    • Learn about monitoring database services.
    • Learn about external database services.
    • Understand database migration.
  14. Security
    • Get introduced to security services.
    • Explore Cloud Guard (concepts, problems, recipes, and notifications).
    • Dive into security zones and Security Advisor.
    • Understand vaults, keys, and secrets.
  15. Observability and Management Introduction
    • Get introduced to observability.
  16. Observability and Management: Monitoring
    • Learn key concepts about monitoring services.
    • Learn about notification services, service metrics, and alarms.
    • Understand building queries and managing alarms.
  17. Observability and Management: Logging
    • Get an overview of Oracle's logging service.
    • Study custom logs.
    • Access, search, and explore logs.
    • Learn about service connectors.
  18. Prepare for OCI Architect Associate Certification
    • Prep for the certification.
    • Practice sample exam questions.

Prerequisites and requirements

No prerequisites required for this course. Anyone who is interested in learning the key concepts and features of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can enroll.

See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity.

Why take this course?

Begin your journey on Oracle Cloud by getting to know its architecture and user management. Learn about topics like VCN, network security, load balancing, traffic management, and more. Plus, dive deep into OCI computing, storage, infrastructure, observability, and management.

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