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Case Study - Pledge to Equality Scholarship - workforce transformation

StreetCode Academy Hires Grads from Udacity’s Pledge to Equality Program

It is estimated that 3.5 million tech jobs will need to be filled in the U.S. by 2025. Despite this demand tech gap, under representation of African Americans, continues to plague high tech companies more than any other sector. 

The social unrest and the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 confirmed the very pertinent challenges of diversity and inclusion faced by the tech industry.

Udacity’s mission is to train the world’s workforce in the careers of the future. To this effect, Udacity launched the Pledge to Equality scholarship program in October 2020 as our commitment to help create equitable opportunities for underrepresented communities — starting with the Black community.

Udacity and StreetCode Academy partnered for the first Pledge to Equality Virtual Career Fair. Streetcode Academy focuses on empowering communities of color to achieve their full potential by sharing the skills, mindsets and networks they need to embrace tech and innovation. 

Download the case study to learn how Streetcode Academy collaborated with Udacity in hiring Pledge to Equality Scholarship grads to fill open positions within their organization.

Learn more about Udacity’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

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Monique Roberts
Monique Roberts
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