Blog Enterprise Udacity drives TUI’s digital upskilling program, For:ward

Udacity drives TUI’s digital upskilling program, For:ward

TUI Group operates on a global scale as one of the world’s largest tourism companies, connecting over 400 hotels, 1,000 travel agencies, 15 cruise ships, and 5 airlines.

The company’s shares are actively traded on prestigious exchanges, including the London Stock Exchange’s FTSE 250 index, Hanover Stock Exchange’s regulated market, and Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s Open Market.

Catering to an extensive customer base of 28 million people – 21 million of whom are within European national companies – TUI Group provides a comprehensive range of integrated travel and tourism services from a single source.

TUI and Udacity Talent Transformation

Technology has been essential to the evolution of TUI. In recent years, particularly during the pandemic, the company has undertaken a global talent transformation initiative that has radically changed how it utilizes technology.

A pivotal aspect of this transformation was creating a unified global IT organization from an array of regional structures. This reorganization involved a dedicated team of over 1,700 IT professionals who have been instrumental in driving change.

Additionally, TUI Group recognized the importance of enhancing their HR capabilities to facilitate the acquisition of skilled digital talent. The company has long been committed to nurturing and upskilling its workforce. Cerstin Lang, TUI Group Director of Human Resources Information Technology, emphasizes the company’s focus on providing career growth opportunities for its employees.

She believes in creating pathways for advancement and supporting colleagues in their professional journeys. “People join TUI for a job, and they stay for a career. As a leader in HR, I see it as part of my job to create such pathways and support colleagues on their way forward.”

Cerstin and her team collaborated with Udacity on the TUI For:ward program, designed to upskill their workforce in digital technologies like Data Science, DevOps, Data Engineering, and Agile Coaching. This partnership allowed TUI Group to provide comprehensive training and development programs to enhance their employees’ digital skill sets.

The For:ward program, created by TUI in partnership with Udacity, has produced the following results:

  • 43% of managers reported that additional hiring needs could be reduced by upskilling and an evolution of skill sets.
  • 82 learners graduated from Data Engineering, DevOps, Agile Coaching, Data Analyst, and Data Science programs.
  • 417 learners completed hands-on projects and learning paths in different Nanodegree programs.

Moving For:ward With Udacity

Udacity’s partnership has opened new doors for TUI Group, allowing colleagues to forge ahead in their personal and professional growth. “As a skills and training partner, Udacity gives us the confidence to develop and retain TUI employees,” Lang says. “We have had over 70 people complete the program to date – found success with new opportunities at TUI.”

Even better, employees now understand that TUI is committed to investing in their development, enabling significant strides in their personal careers within the company. “These insights are very valuable to us and an essential support for the HR team. Our people know that the company will invest in them so they can make a big step forward in their personal careers with TUI.”

For more in-depth information on TUI Group’s digital transformation and upskilling journey, read the TUI Group case study.

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