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Blog Enterprise Airbus upskilling reaches new heights.

Airbus upskilling reaches new heights.

Over the last few years, Udacity has worked closely with Airbus to reach its goal of digitally upskilling its workforce. Airbus is Europe’s largest aeronautics company, with 133,000 employees, and the company is a global aerospace industry leader.

With Udacity’s help, Airbus was able to upskill over 1000 employees and deliver a 237% return on investment (ROI).

To help our customers get a better understanding of this wildly successful talent transformation, we’ve put together a case study on our work with Airbus. Keep reading to learn more about how Airbus and Udacity accomplished this global talent transformation, and download the full Airbus case study.

Investing in emerging technologies.

The aerospace and defense market has suffered the same challenges as many of the other industries in the last few years. There is a lack of people available with the digital skills that aerospace companies need, which means that hiring is very competitive and retaining employees gets increasingly difficult. 

To get an extra edge, Airbus decided to invest heavily in digital upskilling for its workforce in emerging technologies. Specifically, they decided to focus on advanced data analytics and big data, the “Internet of Things” (IoT), virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, and robotics.

To support the company’s mission of becoming more data-driven, Airbus set out to create a Digital Academy with the goal of digitally transforming its workforce and creating new technical roles within the organization.

Partnering with Udacity.

To build its world-class Digital Academy, Airbus partnered with Udacity. Together with Udacity’s talent transformation team, they were able to create a comprehensive five-step framework to help their employees master data analytics and machine learning skills. 

Since establishing the program, over 1,000 Airbus employees have graduated from Udacity’s Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Nanodegree programs. Overall, more than 5,100 hands-on projects have been completed. And the best part? Airbus has seen a 237% ROI for its talent transformation project.

Download the full Airbus case study.

If you want to read all the details about how Airbus digitally upskilled 1,000 employees in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, view the Airbus case study today. 

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