Udacity for Corporate Social Responsibility

Currently, only 6.8% of computing and math-related jobs are held by Black and Latinx people.

By partnering with Udacity to sponsor a scholarship program for underrepresented groups, you can make an outsized impact in your organization and in local communities.

An opportunity for your business to make positive change.

Udacity can help you create a pipeline of qualified individuals from underrepresented communities who are ready to make an impact on day one of their new job.

Our Learning Model

Real-World Projects
Udacity’s tech-skills-focused Nanodegree programs can prepare your workforce for high-demand jobs in data science, A.I. and machine learning.
24/7 Mentor Support
On-demand help is available anytime so your workforce can learn better, faster. Plus, learners get personalized feedback on projects.
Incredible Learner Outcomes
70% of learners who graduated with a Nanodegree program had positive career outcomes, and 50% received a median pay increase of 33%.

Udacity CSR Partners

  • Misk Academy
  • CORI
  • Dream Corps
  • Silicon Valley Leadership Group
  • OneTen
  • African App Launchpad
  • Shift
  • BIT black square logo
  • Perservere
  • itida - egypt forward
  • Banyan Labs
  • World Economic Forum
  • WIOA
  • One North End
  • Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

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