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Corporate social responsibility: Change the face of tech.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program

By partnering with Udacity to sponsor a scholarship program for underrepresented groups, you can make an outsized impact in your organization and in local communities.

Empower your communities with CSR scholarships.

Our proven playbook effectively builds job-ready digital skills with the goal of creating a pipeline of tech professionals from underrepresented communities.

  • Hands-on projects

    Real learning goes beyond multiple-choice quizzes and step-by-step guides. Udacity’s approach ensures immediate workplace relevance.

  • 24/7 mentor support

    On-demand help is available anytime to eliminate roadblocks and ensure concept mastery. Plus, learners get personalized feedback on projects.

  • Next-level outcomes

    73% of Nanodegree program graduates had positive career outcomes, and 50% received a median pay increase of 33%.

Our partners in corporate social responsibility.

Misk Academy, CORI - Center on Rural Innovation, Dream Corps, SVLG - Silicon Valley Leadership Group, ONETEN, African App LaunchPad, Shift, BIT - Blacks in Technology, Persevere, Itida - Egyptfwd Initiative, Banyan Labs, World Economic Forum, WIOA - Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act, One North End, European Commission - Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition