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Become a Marketing Analyst

Gain foundational data skills applicable to marketing. Collect and analyze data, model marketing scenarios, and communicate your findings with Excel, Tableau, Google Analytics, and Data Studio.

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  • Time
    1 Four-Month Term

    Study 5 hrs/week and complete in 4 months

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    April 9, 2019

    Classroom opens 7 days after enrollment closes

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Why Take This Nanodegree Program?

This program is for anyone who wishes to gain foundational data skills that apply to marketing. You’ll learn to collect, organize, and analyze data with Excel; build Excel models to analyze possible business outcomes, and visualize and communicate your findings using Tableau and Data Studio. You’ll also gain valuable skills in Google Analytics. With analysts in high demand, this program is an ideal choice whether you’re just getting started with marketing or data, are interested in applying data skills to your current role, or plan to pursue further studies or career goals.



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US ND028 - SellingPoint 1 LearnByDoing

Learn by Doing

In this program, you’ll acquire in-depth knowledge of Google Analytics, as you learn to use advanced reporting techniques, and build fluency with Data Studio, Excel, and Tableau to produce actionable insights that power significant business growth.

US ND028 - SellingPoint2 EngagingCommunity

Engaging Community

Join a dynamic community of learners who are committed to an intensive and productive learning experience. You’ll give and receive support, make connections, and stay abreast of trends in your field. Our graduates consistently cite community as one of the most valuable features of their Nanodegree program experience.

Learn with the best

Brad Batesole
Brad Batesole

Marketing Executive

Brad is a marketing executive who has led teams of top marketers at top companies;, TMZ, LegalZoom, and LinkedIn. He has extensive experience from every angle, from marketing strategy and user experience to social media, paid media, and SEO.

Josh Bernhard
Josh Bernhard

Data Scientist at Nerd Wallet

Josh has been sharing his passion for data for nearly a decade at all levels of university, and as Lead Data Science Instructor at Galvanize. He's used data science for work ranging from cancer research to process automation.

Dana Sheahen
Dana Sheahen

Content Developer

Dana is an electrical engineer with a Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. Her work experience includes software development for embedded systems in the Automotive Group at Motorola, where she was awarded a patent for an onboard operating system.

Mat Leonard
Mat Leonard

Content Developer

Mat is a former physicist, research neuroscientist, and data scientist. He did his PhD and Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of California, Berkeley.

Anke Audenaert
Anke Audenaert


Anke led the development of Digital Marketing programs at Udacity. She previously ran Market Research at Yahoo!, co-founded two companies, and is on the marketing faculty at UCLA Anderson.

Advance Your Career

Designed to prepare you for career success in marketing analytics.

The Marketing Analytics Nanodegree program is built with world-class industry collaborators to prepare you for actual jobs in marketing and analytics. The skills you learn map directly to available opportunities, and you’ll emerge from the program uniquely prepared to provide immediate value to any organization. We’ll support your career journey throughout the preparation and search process, and our goal is to help you secure a rewarding role in your chosen career.

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What You Will Learn

Download Syllabus

Introduction to Marketing Analytics

In this program, you’ll learn foundational data skills, gain an in-depth understanding of Google Analytics and marketing analytics. You’ll learn to analyze data and build models with Excel, Data Studio, and create informative data visualizations with Tableau.

In this program, you’ll learn foundational data skills, gain an in-depth understanding of Google Analytics, and marketing analytics.

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4 months to complete

Prerequisite Knowledge

No prerequisites.

  • Introduction to Data Analysis

    Learn how to use statistics and visuals to find and communicate insights. Develop Excel skills to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data in a spreadsheet. Build Excel models to analyze possible business outcomes.

    Interpret a Data VisualizationAnalyze Survey Data
  • Data Visualization

    Learn to apply design and visualization principles to create impactful data visualizations, build data dashboards, and tell stories with data.

    Storytelling With DataBuild Data Dashboards
  • Google Analytics

    In this course you’ll acquire in-depth knowledge of Google Analytics, as you learn to use advanced reporting techniques, analyze and optimize results, build fluency with Data Studio, and produce actionable insights that power significant business growth.

    Advanced Displays, Segments & ViewsNavigating, Reports, & Dashboards
  • Marketing Analytics

    In this course you will learn about a wide range of marketing and business metrics, and how to evaluate the growth and health of your marketing efforts.

    Crafting an Analytic BriefCreate a Campaign Report

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Marketing Analytics

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Learn the fundamentals of analyzing marketing data.

Program Details

  • Why should I enroll?

    This Nanodegree program is an excellent introduction to the fundamentals of data and marketing analysis. You will leave with practical skills that you can apply in any job. These skills are also an excellent foundation for a career in marketing analysis, data analysis, and data science.

  • What jobs will this program prepare me for?

    This is an introductory program that is not designed to prepare you for a specific job. However it is well-suited for those those looking to apply data skills in their current roles. It is also a great first step on a journey to becoming a marketing analyst or data scientist. We have more courses that will pick up from where this course leaves off to help you become ready for a career in marketing or data science.

  • How do I know if this program is right for me?

    This Nanodegree program offers an ideal path for students new to marketing and data analysis. Data is a transformational force in every marketing team, business, and analysis of data has become a mandatory skill to have to provide value in any organization. This Nanodegree program offers an introduction to the world of data. By learning foundational marketing and analytics tools, you will be ready to advance a career in marketing analytics.

    Enrollment and Admission
  • Do I need to apply? What are the admission criteria?

    No. This Nanodegree program accepts all applicants regardless of experience and specific background.

  • What are the prerequisites for enrollment?

    There are no prerequisites for enrolling aside from basic computer skills and English proficiency. You should feel comfortable performing basic operations on your computer like opening files and folders, opening applications, and copying & pasting. Although no prior experience with Google Analytics is required, familiarity with the platform is useful.

    Tuition and Term of Program
  • How is this Nanodegree program structured?

    The Marketing Analytics Nanodegree program is comprised of one (1) Term. The term is four (4) months. The Term has fixed start and end dates. All students must enroll in, and successfully complete the program in order to receive a certificate.

    Each project will be reviewed by the Udacity reviewer network and platform. Feedback will be provided and if you do not pass the project, you will be asked to resubmit the project until it passes.

  • How long is this Nanodegree program?

    Access to this Nanodegree program runs for the period noted in the Term Length section above.

    See the Terms of Use for other policies around the terms of access to our Nanodegree programs.

  • Can I switch my start date? Can I get a refund?

    Please see the Udacity Nanodegree program FAQs for policies on enrollment in our programs.

  • How much does the program cost?

    The full Nanodegree program consists of one (1) term: the Term is four (4)-months long, at a total cost of USD $999.

  • What software and versions will I need in this program?

    To enroll, students will need a Gmail account to use Google Analytics.

Marketing Analytics

Enroll today, and start putting your skills to work!