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Rapid Prototyping

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About this course

Prototyping allows you to spend ten minutes — instead of ten hours — finding an amazing design for your product. This course will guide you through the iterative process of prototyping an app and conducting user research. You will start by making a low fidelity paper prototype, conducting research with users, and using that research to inform your next iteration. Together with InVision we’ll guide you through creating interactive prototypes. This means you don’t have to code an app before putting it in front of users! Along the way, you’ll learn how and where prototyping fits into your app design process and how you can use prototyping to become a better entrepreneur.

What you will learn

  1. Low-Fidelity Prototypes & User Research
    • Learn the fundamentals of prototyping.
    • How to make paper prototypes and present them to users.
  2. Medium-Fidelity Prototypes with inVision
    • Learn how to incorporate feedback.
    • Make interactive prototypes using InVision.
    • How to conduct further user research remotely.
  3. Lifelong Prototyping
    • Learn how to refine your prototypes further.
    • How to involve prototyping and user research in new app features.
    • How to present your prototypes and research.

Prerequisites and requirements

This course has no formal prerequisites, but you will get a lot more out of the instruction and exercises if you’ve got a product idea. If you’ve completed our Product Design course, you can leverage your app mockups from that course to get a headstart in this one!

See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity.

Why take this course?

Prototyping is an art that exists to save you time and money in the app development process. It allows you to identify design flaws quickly so you waste as little time as possible building a phenomenal app. By learning this art, you’ll create quality apps faster and have confidence in the viability of your products.

By the end of the course, you’ll be comfortable with the prototyping process, be able to get quality user feedback, and use the feedback to create great apps.

Learn with the best.

  • Jay Harman
    Jay Harman


  • Carl Sziebert
    Carl Sziebert