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App Marketing

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Your First 1,000 Users & Beyond

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About this course

Without customers, your business does not exist. Marketing helps you understand your potential user and focus your product on their needs. This course will help you organize a strategy of identifying your perfect user, find ways to connect with them and what you’ll say when you find them. This covers research, planning, execution and most importantly how to grow your user base.

What you will learn

  1. Understand the User
    • Learn to define and create a targeted marketing plan for specific user segments.
    • Analyze your competitive advantages and disadvantages through market segmentation and learn how to position your product.
    • Conduct competitive analysis in order to create your unique value proposition.
  2. Pre-launch
    • Create marketing goals in order to focus your marketing plan.
    • Start thinking about your distribution plan and consider what keywords work best for your goals.
    • Learn about the beta-testing community, and prepare your landing pages.
  3. Launch!
    • Prepare, launch, execute, and gain your first users.
    • Outline a go-to-market strategy and gain the know-how to execute on it.
    • Learn SEO (search engine optimization) skills to get your first 1000 users.
  4. Customer Acquisition
    • Learn about paid and free customer acquisition methods from Ads.
    • An introduction to social marketing, email marketing and more.
  5. Measurement Fundamentals
    • Learn to use data to iterate and optimize your marketing plan.

Prerequisites and requirements

This course has no formal prerequisites, and you can complete this course using our aBarkment app as an example. But if you have your own product idea, we encourage you to explore our Product Design and Rapid Prototyping courses. You can leverage the mockups from those course to get even more out the instruction and exercises in this course.

See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity.

Why take this course?

You’re going to come up with a plan to acquire users and grow! By the time you’re done, you will have a robust marketing plan, including a slide deck with a description of your value to your customers, how you stack up against competitors, who your target audience is, and to grow your customer base.

Learn with the best.

  • Lauren Castellano
    Lauren Castellano


  • Roni Bonjack
    Roni Bonjack