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Product Manager

Nanodegree Program

In this Nanodegree, you will learn foundational skills all product managers use in leading the development of software products, whether mobile apps, desktop apps, or web platforms for consumers or enterprises.

In this Nanodegree, you will learn foundational skills all product managers use in leading the development of software products, whether mobile apps, desktop apps, or web platforms for consumers or enterprises.


3 months

Real-world Projects

Completion Certificate

Last Updated February 29, 2024

Skills you'll learn:
Product design sprints • Product prototyping • Product launch • Product scaling

No experience required

Courses In This Program

Course 1 45 minutes

Welcome to the Nanodegree Program!

Welcome to Udacity! We're excited to share more about your Nanodegree program and start this journey with you!

Lesson 1


Welcome to Udacity. Takes 5 minutes to get familiar with Udacity courses and gain some tips to succeed in courses.

Lesson 2

Getting Help

You are starting a challenging but rewarding journey! Take 5 minutes to read how to get help with projects and content.

Course 2 4 weeks

Product Strategy for Product Managers

The most effective products start with a comprehensive market-based, insight-driven strategy. Understand the role that product managers play during product development, with a focus on activities that happen early in the product development cycle. Learn how to identify the right problems to solve through market research, target user definition, and market sizing. Create a compelling vision and strategy that will set up the team to solve those problems. Understand how to communicate effectively to get people excited and bought into your ideas.

Lesson 1

Introduction to Product Management

This lesson is an introduction to Product Management-- what it is, why it matters, and a brief history.

Lesson 2

Role of a PM

This lesson covers the role and responsibilities of a PM. The lesson will also cover other functions that PMs frequently interact with, as well as artifacts that PMs create align the team on what to build and what the product needs to do.

Lesson 3

Problem Identification

This lesson covers how to make sure that you are solving the right problems by understanding the market, the user, and business goals to identify opportunities. There really is no shortage of problems that could be solved-- but one of the hardest things to do is decide what not to solve.

Lesson 4

Vision & Strategy

This lesson covers Vision & Strategy for Product Development. We’ll also discuss how to map out your business model and different options for capturing revenue. Additionally, we’ll also talk about how to measure your progress through KPIs

Lesson 5

Communication Skills

This lesson covers Communication Skills for Product Managers, including: listening, storytelling, persuasion, presentations, and negotiation.

Lesson 6 • Project

Pitch a Product Vision

Any product that gets built starts with a vision and a product manager who rallies stakeholders behind that vision. In this project, you will develop a compelling pitch for a new product.

Course 3 4 weeks

Product Design

Once the problem has been defined and a market opportunity has been identified, it is important to create a solution that is desirable by its users. Bring an idea through concept, design, and user validation, as well as creating a spec to hand-off to engineering for development. Use design thinking methodologies to diverge in order to explore ideas, and then ultimately focus in and converge on a single idea. Map out the full concept through the creation of a prototype that can be used to validate that you’re solving a problem for real users.

Lesson 1

Intro to Design Sprint

This lesson is an overview of the Design Sprint process, identifying the right problems to bring into a Design Sprint, and how to work effectively with Designers.

Lesson 2

Phase 1: Understand

This lesson covers the first phase of the Design Sprint -- Understanding. You'll get an overview of this phase, and learn several methods to increase understanding

Lesson 3

Phase 2: Define

This lesson covers the second phase of the Design Sprint -- Define. You'll get an overview of this phase and learn methods to create focus and define outcomes.

Lesson 4

Phase 3: Sketch

This lesson covers the third phase of the Design Sprint -- Sketching. You'll get an overview of this phase and then you'll learn how to sketch, brainstorm and pick ideas to sketch out in more detail.

Lesson 5

Phase 4: Decide

This lesson covers the fourth phase of the Design Sprint -- Deciding. We'll get an overview of this phase and learn methods to narrow down and converge on one idea.

Lesson 6

Phase 5: Prototype

This lesson covers the fifth phase of the Design Sprint -- Prototyping. You'll get an overview of this phase, learn more about the different methods of prototyping, as well learn best practices

Lesson 7

Phase 6: Validate

This lesson covers the sixth phase of the Design Sprint -- Validating. You'll get an overview of this phase and learn how to validate your concept from both a user and a feasibility perspective.

Lesson 8

Next Steps

You’ve made it through all the phases of the Design Sprint. This lesson will focus on how to bring it all together and what will happen next

Lesson 9 • Project

Project: Run a Design Sprint

For this course, you will be running a Design Sprint to further develop a concept to address an opportunity that you have identified.

Course 4 4 weeks

Product Development

This course introduces Product Development, with a focus on the role a Product Manager plays and key activities that occur during development, including the lifecycle of a code change, creating test plans, getting early feedback, effectively prioritizing issues, and running a go/no go launch meeting.

Lesson 1

Introduction to Product Development

An introduction to the Product Development course, prerequisites, a brief history of product development, and an overview of the course project.

Lesson 2

Influencing without Authority

Influencing without authority is a critical skill for a PM. Building credibility and trust are key components, along with being able to negotiate and say no.

Lesson 3

Development Methodologies, Collaboration, & Tools

As a PM you won't write code but you do need to understand how work gets done. This lesson covers different development methodologies, how to communicate, and an overview of key engineering processes.

Lesson 4

Testing, Feedback, and Preparing for Launch

PMs are responsible for shipping high-quality products. This lesson covers using testing and real-world feedback to improve your product, and how to determine when your product is ready to launch.

Lesson 5 • Project

Project: Managing Product Development

For this project, you will identify risks and issues by creating a test plan and getting feedback from dogfooders. You will then prioritize that feedback and run a go/no go launch meeting.

Taught By The Best

Photo of Alex King

Alex King

Product Manager at Google

Alex King is a product manager at Google, where he works on Pixel Camera. He previously worked on setup experiences for smart home devices like Google Wifi, Google Home, and Chromecast. He formerly worked at Uber where he led rider experience for JUMP Bikes and Scooters. He graduated from the University of Washington.

Photo of Anastasia Root

Anastasia Root

Product Manager at Google

Anastasia is a growth product manager at Google, leading growth for the Google iOS Search app. Prior to Google, Anastasia has worked on products in real estate, FinTech, dating, navigation, and enterprise software.

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About Product Manager

Udacity's Product Management Nanodegree program empowers learners to excel in the field of product management. This program, led by industry experts like Alex King and Anastasia Root from Google, covers foundational skills crucial for product managers, including product strategy, design, and development. Tailored for a practical learning experience, it guides students through real-world scenarios, helping them learn product management effectively. In this product manager program, we ensure that learners gain hands-on experience, applying their skills to real-world projects, under the guidance of accomplished professionals. This approach not only builds knowledge but also prepares students for real-world challenges they will face as product managers.

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