Team Development: Which Skills Should You Focus On?

According to LinkedIn Learning, 94% of employees say they would stay with their employer longer if they invested in their employees learning.

This number underscores just how critical it is to invest in team development

However, before you choose which courses to offer, you’ll need to determine what skills your team needs.

Where do you start? Which skills should you focus on first? Here’s an overview of how to get going with your team development strategy. 

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Advanced Artificial Intelligence Courses

3D rendering artificial intelligence AI research of robot and cyborg development for future of people living. Digital data mining and machine learning technology design for computer brain.

Artificial intelligence (AI) describes computing to mimic human behaviors and complete human tasks. AI tools like house-cleaning robots, self-driving cars, and health-tracking personal assistants can enhance people’s lives.  

Artificial intelligence is a future-proof industry with growth prospects and great salary potential. Experts predict the global AI software market will be worth $126 billion by 2025.

The Udacity team is passionate about AI and equips you with in-demand skills in technology and business that are fit for today’s workplaces. Udacity currently offers 15 courses in its School of Artificial Intelligence. Continue reading to learn more about Udacity’s advanced AI courses.

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Essential Skills to Get a Job in AI Today

Neural network and data graphics overlaid on top of human hands typing on a laptop

Researchers and developers across the world continue to rapidly advance the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence specialists make computer systems capable of performing human tasks. From gameplay to language generation to wildlife species identification to 3D protein folding, people are creating and using artificially intelligent technologies across industries every day.

Whether you have a background in artificial intelligence or are a newcomer to the field, you can benefit from learning essential skills to help you thrive at a job in AI. With artificial intelligence relevant to so many different disciplines, there are several ways you can develop the right skills for a fascinating AI job.

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Open Invitation to Global Governments to Innovate to Create Skilled Talent for the Future

Around the world, we look to the government to solve some of our biggest problems — but our best intentions to innovate are often cut down to size as we get mired in the details. Despite the government’s ability to provide resources that include infrastructure, healthcare, and industrial developments, innovation can be stymied by bureaucratic processes and red tape.  

Enter COVID. As the pandemic spread like wildfire across the globe and millions of people lost their lives and livelihoods, innovation became more necessary.

Prior to COVID’s proliferation, increased automation displaced several workers in manufacturing, transportation and hospitality — eliminating jobs that just won’t come back.

Mass unemployment caused by the pandemic coupled with the advancement in automation, hastened the need for policy makers to quickly give their constituents access to skills that will get people back to work — especially in the jobs of the future.


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Four Enterprise Courses to Upskill Your Team

While your upskill strategy will likely have multiple components, online learning is sure to be one of them. Having a plan for offering enterprise courses to your employees is the perfect place to start, but deciding which courses to promote will depend on the specific needs of your company. 

Here are some of the most ideal online courses for upskilling enterprise teams and what you need to know about the process.

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Uplevel Your Skills with These Top Online Business Classes

Being successful in the workplace isn’t only about acting as a subject matter expert in your field.  A diverse skill set not only gives you the power to open up new opportunities, it also makes you even more appealing to potential employers. Plus, it can give you an advantage when going after internal positions.

An ideal way to go beyond your area of expertise is by building relevant business skills. Here are five online classes to help you get started.

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Static Video learning: The dead-end to workforce transformation

Start Learning

We’re all individuals.

All of us have individual career aspirations, goals, and visions for the future. And we have different skills and learning preferences to achieve them. Today, every organization is seeking to give its employees the best possible training to help both them and the company stay current on rapidly evolving technology trends. Employee upskilling programs are no longer a nice perk – they are a must to stay competitive. Organizations must ensure their top talent is up-to-date on trends, new industry developments, and has access to the best technology. That means companies are looking to incorporate the latest and greatest learning tools on the market to make that happen, especially when it comes to developing their next crop of managers. 

But unfortunately, new doesn’t necessarily mean better. 

Static Video learning: The dead-end to workforce transformation

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