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Student Story – Mohammed

Each month we showcase a student from one of our Nanodegree programs to show how their Udacity experience has impacted their life. This month, we caught up with Mohammed who is a Full Stack Web Developer, Udacity Web Guru, and freelancer based in Egypt. Mohammed enjoys reading up on the latest trends, playing online games, and watching movies in his free time.

Why did you choose Udacity?

First time I saw Udacity was when I enrolled in One Million Arab Coders program where I learned basics about front end web development. I liked how easy it was to learn from Udacity’s platform and all the support I had from the community manager

Next, I enrolled in the Egypt Future Work is Digital (FWD) program from Egypt Communication Ministry where had experiences learning advanced web development skills from the FWD community and hands-on projects.

Udacity made me a loyal learner and I became a Freelancing Web Guru at Udacity after I finished my last nanodegree.

How was Udacity versus traditional college studies?

I can watch lessons anytime and videos are 5-10 minutes at most, not like University lectures. It’s more than 2 hours.  With Udacity you have mentors and community to help you if you get stuck.  

I enrolled in the Front End Web Developer Nanodegree when I was in my last year of secondary school.  When I was in my first year of university, I learned more advanced web development skills and was inspired to be a successful freelancer.

What did you think of the hands-on concepts?

The projects helped me to learn about becoming a developer.  This has helped me to gain skills to do freelance work but most importantly I am confident in my ability to do the work no matter what I’m faced with in a project.

How did you balance your day-to-day demands with your Nanodegree program?

The community was very helpful in supporting each other and I put aside time to work on my studies as I knew this was my dream.

What was the most challenging part of your program?

Having time for everything while studying and working.  The community and mentors helped me and I still have many friends that I met in my programs.

Did you ever consider giving up and why didn’t you?

I would remind myself of my dream to become a Front End Web Developer and I motivated myself to do better for my future.  This opportunity was good and I didn’t want to fail.  It was the start of my career and I had a sense of urgency to get started.  My friends would also encourage me and we would help each other with projects.

Would you recommend Udacity to others and why?

Yes, this is a great opportunity that Udacity gives students to learn and succeed.  You get the help to learn concepts and the projects give you real practice.

What advice would you give to prospective learners?

Do you best work and enjoy the opportunities along the journey to learn new things to help you in your future career.

What did the Nanodegree give you the confidence to tackle?

In my personal life, it helped me with my time management and helped me to have skills to help my clients and understand their needs. 

Interested in becoming a Front End Web Developer?

Mohammed has always dreamt of being a Front End Web Developer and he started his journey online with Udacity.  If you want to learn more about this fast growing field, check out Udacity’s Front End Web Developer Nanodegree.

Monique Roberts
Monique Roberts
Monique enjoys traveling, photography, and connecting with Udacity students around the world in addition to writing about digital transformation, career upskilling, and innovative technologies.