7 Reasons to Pick Up JavaScript Today

For #BacktoSkills month, we’re spotlighting a series of skills that supercharge careers. This week, we’re looking at the most popular programming language for ten years running: JavaScript. Without further ado, here’s 7 rock-solid reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to start stacking JavaScript skills:

  1. Relatively easy pathway to get started: It’s easier to get started with JavaScript than  it is with many other languages because most modern computers come with the software needed for JavaScript development pre-installed. Whereas for Python, Ruby, and most other languages, there may be a complicated setup process before you can get started.
  2. Interactive User Experiences:  If you’re interested in creating dynamic and interactive websites, JavaScript is the foundation you want. From crafting dazzling animations to building real-time chat apps, JavaScript lets you turn your creative fantasies into reality. You’re not just coding; you’re crafting unforgettable experiences that users will love.
  3. Versatility: JavaScript isn’t just about the front-end. With tools like Node.js, JavaScript has infiltrated the back-end scene too. That means you can code for both the front-end and the server with just one language, which is the sort of well-rounded profile employers look for.
  4. High Demand and Job Opportunities: Want to be in high demand? Companies in all industries are on the prowl for developers who can harness JavaScript and its stable of frameworks like React and Angular. Learning JavaScript opens the doors to a treasure trove of job opportunities and career paths.
  5. Community and Resources: You’re never alone in the world of JavaScript. There’s an entire galaxy of online resources, tutorials, forums, and open-source projects waiting to help you level up. Joining the community means you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge and a cadre of coding enthusiasts who live and breathe this stuff.
  6. Entry Point to Other Languages: JavaScript’s syntax and concepts are like a key that can unlock many doors throughout the programming world. Once you’ve got the JavaScript skills under your belt, transitioning to other programming languages becomes seamless.
  7. Freelancing and Entrepreneurship: Ever dreamt of being your own boss? With JavaScript in your toolkit, freelancing and entrepreneurship become viable options. You can turn your coding prowess into web apps, games, or mobile apps. Hello, financial independence!

In today’s world, investing in yourself is the key to income stability and job flexibility. Not only does mastering JavaScript open up job opportunities, but it also offers unique creative outlets for novices and experts alike. JavaScript isn’t just a language; it’s your pathway to a world of possibilities. Ready to dive in? Check out Udacity’s JavaScript Courses and let the adventure begin!

Patrick Donovan
Patrick Donovan
Head of Consumer Marketing at Udacity