Managing Dates with Javascript Date Formats

Javascript date formats are notoriously quirky — they are a critical part of many websites, but they’re difficult to implement correctly in a cross-browser fashion — and have caused developers many headaches. The Javascript standard provides three different formats for Javascript dates, and each format has different uses.

Some variations in Javascript dates happen simply because of the browser you use, especially when adding a specific time. Developers need to be aware that the same code handling a date can work differently on different browsers. This is less of a problem in modern browsers but some irregularities still remain.

This article will go over the various types of Javascript date formats and why Javascript has a preferred format for both dates and times. Then, we will examine the quirks that browsers present when working with these formats.

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Want to Become a Data Scientist? Start Here.

Data scientist — one of the most sought-after jobs in tech —  is currently considered one of the top three best jobs in the United States. In fact, data scientists have been ranked in the top three for the last five years, even taking the number one spot several years in a row.  

As a field, data science is constantly evolving. To  launch your data scientist career you’ll need the right baseline skills and the willingness to keep pace with new developments. 

Here’s what you need to know about how to become a data scientist, including the steps to landing a data scientist gig.

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How To Read From a File in C++

In your programming journey, there will come a time when you’ll want to start working with real-world data. This kind of data is typically stored in files on disk. Since reading from files involves interacting with your operating system, it amounts to a rather complex task. In this article, we’ll look at C++ streams, file handling, and three different methods for reading data from a file into a C++ program. 

If you come from a high-level programming language like Python, reading a file into a program seems like a simple enough task. You open the file, read its contents and close it. Working with a file might take up one or two lines of your code. In C++, the workflow of reading a file is a bit more complex — there is the added step of reading to or from a stream object. To understand how our C++ programs interact with files, let us now take a look at the concept of streams in C++. 

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CSS Tabs: Your Ultimate Guide

CSS Tabs provide helpful navigation of websites. If you have multiple web pages on your site and you want to make sure the viewers to your site are able to easily navigate to your other pages, then this is for you. 

CSS Tabs use both HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). As you know from previous tutorials, HTML is the foundational code used to structure a web page and its content, while CSS is used to enhance your web page with creative design aspects. 

In this tutorial, I will take you through a lesson on creating different types of tabs in HTML, and I will also assist you in adding some creative design elements. All you need to start with is a simple code editor such as Notepad ++, which is free.

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An Inside Look Into Data Analyst Jobs

Data for companies is worth more than gold. Businesses in every sector learned that mining customer data can offer powerful insights that lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

With the rise of big data, jobs revolving around the subject — like data analyst — have grown too. According to Indeed, data analyst jobs will increase by 20% by 2028. Plus, data analysts on average, earn over $80,000 a year, making the role extremely desirable.

If working as a data analyst sounds good to you, find out what the job entails.

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HTML Hub: Anything and Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to the HTML hub! This guide will provide you with an exhaustive list of everything that you need to know about HTML— one of the most vital programming languages for creating and designing web pages today.

You’ll find everything from HTML basics, to creative more advanced HTML techniques in this guide. This is a living document so please come back and visit us as we continue to add more published content.

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“I wanted to be a successful mother and a career woman” – Rehab Emam | Student Story

It’s not uncommon for women to sacrifice their careers and dreams after becoming a mother. Many women leave the workforce on their own volition, while others are pressured to leave due to societal or familial pressures. 

Here’s a story of one such mother who wanted “more from her motherhood.”  Rehab Emam is a mother of two who lives in  Egypt— where only 20% of the labor force is female — had an inspiring journey to achieve her childhood dream of becoming a programmer.

“I wanted to be a successful mother and a career woman” - Rehab Emam | Student Story

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