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We are always creating blogs to engage our readers in our scholarships, events, and talent transformation efforts.  Here are the top 5 blogs you may have missed from Q1 2023.

Betty’s Story: How Udacity and AWS Helped Her Reach Her Goals

Making a career change is hard, but with the help of the Amazon Web Services Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Scholarship, Betty has been able to do just that. Watch the video below to find out how Betty was able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and reach her goals!

Why learn to code in 2023

Coding makes it possible to access and interact with websites. Like this one. Different kinds of code tell a computer what actions to take. Writing the code is just like writing instructions. As a coder, you can create websites and apps, process data, and complete plenty of other useful — and lucrative — tasks. 

Global tech jobs have grown exponentially over the past decade. And there is no end in sight. One of the best things about these roles is that they often don’t require a computer science degree. 

Technical Interview Prep Tips

Are you preparing for a technical interview and feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there? Whether you are a first-time job seeker or an experienced professional, the tips in this article will help you ace your interview.

Data Engineer Salary Expectations for 2023

Data engineers — not to be confused with data scientists — are engineers that work on building and maintaining pipelines that collect data for analysis.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is forecasting a 22% increase in job growth from 2020-2030 within the field of data, with much higher than the average growth of other occupations.

Announcing our new AI chatbot: On-demand learning guidance made 

We’re really excited to announce the launch of Udacity’s new AI chatbot, now available in beta! It’s powered by OpenAI and designed to enhance your learning experience.

We understand the challenges that learners face when it comes to studying and completing real world projects online. A common challenge is the lack of personalized support and guidance when learners need it most: in the flow of learning and working through solutions to tough problems.

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The Udacity blog has many great articles to learn more about the latest in tech and talent. We hope you’ve enjoyed these blogs and you can discover more on our homepage.

Monique Roberts
Monique Roberts
Monique is on the Marketing team at Udacity. When she's not writing or creating new content, she enjoys photography, traveling, and exploring new restaurants.