Stack these new GenAI skills to stand out!

Ready to learn the latest topics in Generative AI? There’s something for everyone’s schedule with our new collection of free and paid courses. Familiarize yourself with the world of GenAI with expert-led 30-minute lessons, or get hands-on, practitioner-level skills in immersive 4-week courses. Equip yourself with the latest AI fundamentals in our free courses co-created with Google Cloud, or take it a step further by learning how to build your very own OpenAI custom chatbot. No matter where you stand, you can awaken your GenAI genius by exploring our new courses below!

7 Courses You Can Finish Today

  • How to Use ChatGPT: Gain in-depth knowledge of the underlying technology that powers ChatGPT and master the art of prompt design while exploring its capabilities, limitations, and training best practices. 
  • Free Generative AI Fundamentals with Google Cloud: Learn what “responsible AI” is, why it’s important, and how Google implements it in its products. Pass the assessment in this course to demonstrate your understanding of foundational concepts in GenAI.
  • Free Zero-Shot and Few-Shot Learning: Learn how to optimize your Generative AI prompts using “zero-shot” and “few-shot” learning techniques, where models are able to generalize with little to no training data.

5 Intermediate Programs You Can Finish This Month

  • Building a Custom OpenAI Chatbot: Learn how OpenAI works and how to leverage its powerful language processing capabilities to build a functional Q&A bot that can provide insightful answers to your questions.
  • Small Datasets in Machine Learning: Develop a strong foundation in machine learning techniques that apply to small dataset problems so you can successfully apply these techniques in your own projects.
  • Building Generative Adversarial Networks: Learn to understand and implement a Deep Convolutional GAN (generative adversarial network) to create realistic images, with Ian Goodfellow, the inventor of GANs, and Jun-Yan Zhu, the creator of CycleGANs.
  • Building NLP and Conversational AI Solutions with Azure: Design and build bot solutions on the Azure platform using the Microsoft Bot Framework, language understanding models with the LUIS service, knowledge bases with the Azure QnA service, and integrate Azure Cognitive Text Analytics and speech services.
  • RNNs & Transformers: This course covers multiple RNN architectures and discusses design patterns for those models. You’ll also learn about transformer architectures.

Start Stacking GenAI Skills Today!

Whether you’re a seasoned developer, an AI enthusiast, or a business professional looking to talk the talk, our fresh lineup of Generative AI courses promises to give you the knowledge you need to skill up and stand out in today’s marketplace. Ready to get started? Start stacking more GenAI skills today! 

Dakota Nunley
Dakota Nunley
Content Strategy Manager at Udacity