Want to Become a Data Scientist? Start Here.

Data scientist — one of the most sought-after jobs in tech —  is currently considered one of the top three best jobs in the United States. In fact, data scientists have been ranked in the top three for the last five years, even taking the number one spot several years in a row.  

As a field, data science is constantly evolving. To  launch your data scientist career you’ll need the right baseline skills and the willingness to keep pace with new developments. 

Here’s what you need to know about how to become a data scientist, including the steps to landing a data scientist gig.

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An Inside Look Into Data Analyst Jobs

Data for companies is worth more than gold. Businesses in every sector learned that mining customer data can offer powerful insights that lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

With the rise of big data, jobs revolving around the subject — like data analyst — have grown too. According to Indeed, data analyst jobs will increase by 20% by 2028. Plus, data analysts on average, earn over $80,000 a year, making the role extremely desirable.

If working as a data analyst sounds good to you, find out what the job entails.

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“I wanted to be a successful mother and a career woman” – Rehab Emam | Student Story

It’s not uncommon for women to sacrifice their careers and dreams after becoming a mother. Many women leave the workforce on their own volition, while others are pressured to leave due to societal or familial pressures. 

Here’s a story of one such mother who wanted “more from her motherhood.”  Rehab Emam is a mother of two who lives in  Egypt— where only 20% of the labor force is female — had an inspiring journey to achieve her childhood dream of becoming a programmer.

“I wanted to be a successful mother and a career woman” - Rehab Emam | Student Story

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Why the Data Engineering Career Path is Thriving

Working in the field of big data is a smart career move. Over the last five years, job openings for data engineers have grown by 30%, which is significantly higher than average job growth in the US. Plus, data engineers make over $110,000 a year according to Glassdoor

While the job growth and salary are incredibly appealing, it’s a good idea to know what to expect from a career before diving in. 

Here’s what you need to know about this role to get started on your data engineering career path. 

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Is it the Right Time to Kickstart Your Career Transition?

Last year disrupted professional career goals for many people across the globe. Transitioning into a new field of work seemed scary during the pandemic. For some, it didn’t make sense to move from a secure job that offered seniority, to starting at the bottom of a brand new career. 

But it’s also times like these when we’re pushed to think outside of our comfort zone and ask ourselves bigger questions like what kind of job will bring satisfaction and challenges.

If you want to take a leap towards a more rewarding career then you’re  not alone. According to Kaspersky’s Securing the Future of Work report, 35 percent of employees are thinking of switching to a new job in 2021. In fact, one in four women are considering a new career path as a result of the pandemic, according to a recent MetLife survey.

As some businesses begin hiring again, this could be a good time to kickstart your career transition. Here are some steps to consider if you want to transition your career:

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Data Science vs Artificial Intelligence: What’s the Difference?

Image of electric blue digital brain on blue background

Self-driving cars, flying drones, robotic rovers, game-playing robots, and humanized electronic personal assistants. Once, these technologies only existed in dreams. Now, they exist as technologies of today.

Technology fields like data science and artificial intelligence (AI) are interwoven with your life. Careers in data science and artificial intelligence can offer interesting, well-paying work.

Learn more about the fascinating fields of data science and artificial intelligence.

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How To Prepare for Data Engineer Interview Questions

Boasting an impressive 50% year-over-year growth rate, data engineering was named the fastest-growing job in tech for 2020. 

A data engineer is basically a combination of a software developer, DevOps engineer and data scientist all rolled into one. They’re responsible for building the infrastructure that keeps a company’s most valuable resource — data — organized and for unlocking the value of that data.

Learn how to land a data engineering role by being prepared for data engineering interview questions.

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