With Udacity ‘All Access’, students will now have unlimited learning opportunities so they can stay ahead in their industry – all powered by a single subscription.

One subscription, unlimited access

When we launched Udacity in June of 2011, our mission was simple: to help democratize education by making the skills that power Silicon Valley accessible to students and professionals across the globe. 17 million users and 240 countries later, we’re proud of the impact we’ve been able to make on individuals, nations and workforces worldwide.

It’s with this same goal in mind that we’re thrilled to announce the next evolution of Udacity. Starting today, all Udacity students will get access to our entire content library, with one monthly subscription. That’s 80+ Nanodegree programs, 350+ courses, 370+ real-world projects, and 2,500+ skills in the fields that are powering the digital future. And subscribers will get instant access to all of the new content that we’ll be adding regularly. 

The shortening shelf life of skills

We knew back in 2011 that the makeup of in-demand skills would evolve rapidly, but the pace of change in today’s digital world has accelerated far beyond what we imagined:

  • According to HR Dive, 37% of skills from 5 years ago are now obsolete
  • In 2020, IBM reported that technical skills have a shelf life of just two and half years
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the average person will have 12 jobs during their lifetime, and 32% of people aged 25 to 44 have considered making a career change within the past year

As promising as this technological progress is, it presents a challenge for professionals looking to navigate successful careers: you now need to be hyper vigilant of the emerging skills in your field, then master those skills, and confidently deploy them on the job. That cycle of skill development is a constant of today’s working world, and those who embrace it fully are bound to rise to the top.

Skill development, on demand

It’s in this context that we determined we can provide a better solution for our students. Previously, professionals would leverage Udacity to complete a designated Nanodegree program, and upon graduation most students paused their learning and focused on putting their new skills into practice on the job. But before long, those skills would require supplementing and sharpening. Today’s ambitious professionals need a place to learn the skills that matter, fast and on their own schedule, with the confidence to deploy those skills on the job, right away. And that’s what we set out to provide with this new experience.

“The professionals who will succeed in today’s ever changing workforce are the ones who prioritize lifetime learning and skill development. In order to do this, they need a platform that offers immediate, on-demand access to both extensive and short-form courses on the most in-demand skills.”

– Kai Roemmelt, CEO of Udacity

Once subscribed to Udacity, students can follow their curiosity and their career demands, wherever they may lead. Maybe you want to dive deep into specific subjects and become an expert in data engineering, machine learning, or product management. Or perhaps you’re interested in supplementing your core skill set with those from a breadth of other domains, like rounding out your digital marketing experience with courses in SQL and visualization. Regardless of your goal, our subscription provides you with the freedom to forge your own unique learning path.

When we set out to build this experience, we also had another core tenet in mind: increasing access to quality education. With all access, we want to give as many students as possible a chance to learn from the industry’s best minds while still upholding our commitment to excellence in all of the content we release and products we roll out. By making our entire catalog available to subscribers – from our intensive Nanodegree programs to introductory Lessons – students can gain more in-demand skills for a fraction of the cost. 

As for the classroom experience, it remains as exceptional as it’s always been. Students will continue to benefit from content designed alongside industry leaders, hands-on projects with personalized project reviews, instructors who hail from both unicorn startups and tech giants, and real-time support, around the clock.

Skill up & stand out

As of today, the new all access experience is available to professionals across the globe via a monthly subscription of $249, or save 15% by paying upfront for a four-month subscription for $846. You have 7 days to try it risk-free and personalized offers may also be available depending on need. If you have more questions, you can visit our FAQ page here.

The pace of change in today’s workforce can be as much an opportunity as it is an unknown. With Udacity, professionals can trust they have access to skills training that yields real outcomes in the subjects that matter. Enroll today to skill up and stand out!

Patrick Donovan
Patrick Donovan
Head of Consumer Marketing at Udacity