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Prime Day Means Prime Savings On AWS Skills

In honor of Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, we’re offering 40% off the AWS courses and Nanodegree programs that will move the needle for your career.

October 10th and October 11th are officially “Amazon Prime Big Deal Days”, where millions of customers will be saving on everything from blenders to bed sheets, t-shirts to TVs, and journals to jewelry. But Amazon doesn’t only deliver your favorite toiletries and last-minute birthday gifts. It’s also home to a rapidly growing, in-demand skill set: the Amazon Web Services (AWS) tech stack. AWS is an online platform that provides scalable and cost-effective cloud computing solutions. From tech giants to mom-and-pop shops, customers all around the world trust AWS to help their businesses run smoothly and meet the most stringent security requirements. Gartner has even recognized AWS as a Magic Quadrant Leader for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services for the 12th straight year.

From tech giants to mom-and-pop shops around the world, 1.45 million businesses choose to use AWS. That’s 1.45 million businesses that could be interested in your experience with the AWS tech stack.

Because of the growth of AWS as a cloud computing environment, the need for talented professionals who have the skills to get the most from AWS has grown with it. So whether you’re looking to pursue a career as a data scientist, cloud devops engineer, cloud systems administrator, or something else entirely, it’s safe to assume the demand for the profession will be high for years to come. Here are a few AWS job outlook statistics at a glance:

  • 1.45 million businesses around the world choose to use AWS – that’s approximately one-third of the total market share in the infrastructure as a service (“iaas”) space, according to Statista.
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of data scientists is projected to grow 35 percent from 2022 to 2032, with an average annual salary of $103,500.
  • By 2025, experts project that cloud computing will become an $864 billion market, and grow 12.8% annually thereafter.

What Do We Mean When We Say the “AWS Tech Stack”?

The use cases of AWS skills span far and wide, but here are three examples of a specific domain along with some of its core competencies that require familiarity with the AWS tech stack.

  • If you’re a software engineer who is working on infrastructure and systems, here are some skills you’ll need to confidently deploy AWS:
    • Containerization: Familiarity with Docker, creating Dockerfiles, and managing container images.
    • AWS Management Console and CLI: Knowledge about AWS services, especially related to container management.
    • Node.js and React Development: Skills in building, debugging, and deploying Node.js and React apps.
    • Networking: A grasp of networking on AWS, especially within the context of containers.
    • Database Management: Familiarity with running and managing databases in AWS.
  • If you’re a data engineer building analytical applications for a large automotive company, these are the AWS services and skills you would use in your role:
    • IaC Tools: Mastery in CloudFormation, CDK, or Terraform.
    • AWS Services: Deep understanding of AWS services, especially those related to microservices and container orchestration.
    • Microservices: Designing, developing, and deploying microservice architectures.
    • Security: Best practices for securing AWS resources and application data.
    • Networking: Understanding of AWS networking components, VPCs, subnets, service meshes, etc.
    • CI/CD: Experience with setting up continuous integration and deployment pipelines.
  • If you’re a DevOps engineer and you’re tasked to create the infrastructure for an application and it’s backend on the AWS platform, these are the AWS services and skills you would use:
    • Big Data Technologies: Familiarity with Hadoop, Spark, and other big data frameworks.
    • AWS Management & Services: Deep understanding of AWS services related to data and analytics.
    • Machine Learning: Basic understanding of ML principles and methodologies if leveraging AWS’s ML services.
    • SQL & NoSQL: Expertise in writing SQL queries and knowledge of NoSQL databases.
    • ETL Processes: Designing and managing robust ETL pipelines.
    • Performance Tuning: Optimizing queries, ensuring the efficiency of data pipelines, and managing resources effectively.

At Udacity, We Speak AWS

Here at Udacity, we’ve partnered with some of the brightest minds in the data science and cloud computing industries to create best-in-class Nanodegree programs and courses. And to celebrate Amazon Prime Day, for two days only, we’re offering 40% off all Udacity subscriptions. Start learning AWS skills from the pros who are building the space from the ground up. Here are just some of our bestselling programs that cover the skills mentioned above, and beyond:

  • Cloud Fundamentals Fluency (~3 hours to complete): This course will give you the basic information you need to understand the fundamentals of cloud computing, including cloud services and cloud storage. It’s great for anyone who needs to ‘talk cloud’ at work.
  • Data Engineering with AWS (~4 months to complete): Learn to design data models, build data warehouses and data lakes, automate data pipelines, and work with massive datasets. This program is for tech professionals ready to make the leap into a Data Engineering or adjacent role.
  • AWS Cloud Architect (~2 months to complete): Design highly available, reliable, and resilient systems and networks using AWS infrastructure. By combining hands-on projects with practical theory, this well-reviewed Nanodegree program will help professionals join the field or expand their portfolio.

And that’s only a glimpse! We have 50+ related courses and Nanodegree programs available across our School of Cloud Computing, School of Data Science, and School of Artificial Intelligence to help you reach your AWS goals. Plus, with our new all access model, one Udacity subscription grants you access to our entire catalog. So if Amazon Prime Day has you reaching for your wallet, then consider investing in yourself instead.

Prime Savings on AWS Skills For A Limited Time

For two days only (Tuesday, October 10th and Wednesday, October 11th), we’re offering 40% off of monthly and annual Udacity subscriptions – that’s our entire catalog of 3,500+ skills and growing. Ready to add “prime skills” to your Amazon cart this year? Then start learning, applying, and saving today!

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