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Your Udacity ‘All Access’ Questions, Answered

Have you heard the news? Earlier this week, we launched our all access experience to Udacity students worldwide! That’s 80+ Nanodegree programs, 350+ Courses, 370+ real-world projects, and 2,500+ skills now available with a single subscription. The reception so far has been absolutely incredible, and we’re excited to see how students are already taking advantage of their newfound access to the full breadth of Udacity’s content.

We’ve received a number of questions inside our community since we made this announcement – some from current students, others from individuals still considering Udacity. So we figured we’d wrap them all into a single post. Here are the answers to questions you might have about ‘All Access’.

What is ‘All Access’? 

All Access is Udacity’s new model for empowering sustained skill development and lifelong learning for students. With All Access, students can choose to learn any skill or subject from the entirety of Udacity’s best-in-class catalog. Students will still get access to all the features and services that make Udacity the best place for tangible skill building, but can now move freely between topics, learning whatever they need, whenever they need it. 

What’s different about Udacity’s new ‘All Access’ subscription?

Previously, students would select a specific Nanodegree program or Course in which to enroll and were not able to explore different options without enrolling separately in and paying for a different program. With All Access, students pay one monthly fee (or save 15% by paying upfront for a four-month subscription) for unlimited access to any Udacity content they want while they remain an active subscriber. Students will also get instant access to any new content we release.

Why did Udacity change its subscription model? 

Our mission is to train the workforce of the future. We believe preparing for that future requires access to a wider range of in-demand skills for professionals everywhere. For high achievers, that means skill development is a weekly if not daily habit. All Access is an effort to align our product offering to that reality. Previously, most students would come to Udacity, learn a specific skill set and move on to deploy those skills on the job. Moving forward, All Access allows you to rely on Udacity as your destination for progressive and diverse skill development over the course of your career. Whether you’re trying to land your first job in software engineering or looking to learn about the newest large language model, you can rely on Udacity to have all the essential content you need to stay current. To learn more about how we got here, check out our All Access announcement post.

What makes Udacity different from other online learning platforms?

We know there are a number of terrific learning platforms available in the marketplace today. What makes us stand out comes down to a core belief we’ve held since Udacity began: the best way to learn a new skill is through hands-on, real-world experience rather than a passive, automated approach. Our programs allow you to prove your mastery on a topic by completing projects you’ll see in the workplace, graded by industry experts who provide you with personalized feedback. Your Udacity mentors are available to help you 24/7 if you ever feel stuck. We also want to provide you with only the most up-to-date, best-in-class content, which is why we take such great care to vet our expert instructors. Only 4% of individuals who apply become eligible to teach a Udacity program. But don’t take our word for it! Check out what our students have to say about Udacity on Trustpilot.

I only want to subscribe to a particular program on Udacity. Can I do that with All Access?

Udacity does not support enrollment in individual programs at this time – only the All Access plan is available. Students who enroll in All Access have the option of exploring a wide array of topics and content, or focusing on a specific Nanodegree program or series of Courses. 

What does this mean for Udacity’s current Nanodegree programs?

Udacity’s hallmark Nanodegree programs are made even more valuable in the context of All Access. Students who are looking to build a robust skill set aligned with the most in-demand tech roles will still have the ability to complete our Nanodegree programs. And with All Access, you can now customize or supplement your learning based on your unique goals.

For example, let’s say you want to be a Product Manager, and have noticed a lot of PM roles call for some SQL experience. In a few clicks, you can enroll and start taking our Product Manager Nanodegree program, then incorporate relevant content from our Intro to SQL Courses into your portfolio once you’re finished – all at no extra cost to you.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

A monthly All Access subscription is $249, or you can save 15% by paying upfront for a four-month subscription for $846. Other discount options may be available to certain learners via Udacity’s personalized offers advertised on our website.

Can I try out Udacity before enrolling?

Yes! We have a catalog of free Courses available – we encourage you to try one out if you’d like to test Udacity before fully committing to a subscription. You can explore those Courses here. Upon subscribing to Udacity, you will also have a 7-day trial period within which you can request a full refund.

Can my employer reimburse me for a Udacity subscription?

In many cases, yes – a large number of Udacity students get their tuition reimbursed by their employer upon completion of a Course or Nanodegree program. Ask your employer what your L&D policy is if you’re interested in exploring this further!

Can I pause my subscription?

You have the option of canceling your Udacity subscription at any time. Once you do, your account will become static after the next billing cycle. You can resubscribe at a later date and still access all the enrollments and coursework you completed prior to canceling. 

How can I stay up to date with new Courses being released on Udacity? 

As a Udacity subscriber, you’ll get instant access to and be the first to hear about the new content we release. To stay up to date with the latest Courses, Lessons, and Nanodegree programs, along with other company news, you can also follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and sign up for a free account to receive updates directly to your email. 

Well, there you have it. Everything you need to know about Udacity’s ‘All Access’ experience – the only thing left to do is experience it for yourself. If you’re ready to skill up and stand out, then be sure to enroll today!
P.S. Have questions we didn’t answer? Contact us here or visit our FAQ page for more.

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