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Building an Equitable Future in STEM Webinar Recap

Technology is undeniably empowering, but it also has the potential to amplify inequities. With rapid advancements in AI, automation, and machine learning, technology will undoubtedly change how work gets done. This issue was discussed in depth at a panel discussion hosted by Udacity featuring the OneTen Coalition.

STEM careers are integral to building a thriving technical community. Fortunately, we can all help provide opportunities and promote a future where everyone has the chance to succeed with the right teacher, mentor, and support. One of the most important things we can do as a community is to provide opportunities and celebrate successes.

This kind of attention is never more critical for underrepresented groups in STEM. Udacity has created a scholarship program to support those who want to pursue STEM education. It will give those students needed support as they begin their careers.

In October 2021, a panel of prominent thought leaders and advocates will meet to discuss the current state of diversity, inclusion, and equity in STEM fields.

Below are the highlights from the event. 

Udacity and OneTen Present a Landmark Scholarship

There’s never been a stronger case for equity in STEM-related fields. Private industry leaders and public leaders are carefully considering diversity and inclusion, but discrimination remains unfazed. Despite the efforts to rid this issue of STEM, progress is hardly being made at all.

According to The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, two out of three U.S. jobs and nearly 70 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) can be attributed to scientific, engineering, and math activities,” and that “STEM jobs also generate $2.3 trillion in tax revenues annually. In turn, demand for STEM professionals is at an all-time high.

OneTen and Udacity Work Together to Build a Better Future for STEM

OneTen is a coalition of top CEOs and companies that creates STEM opportunities for those without bachelor’s degrees. The CEOs have partnered with Udacity for a panel that discusses the importance of equity in STEM. OneTen will target those without undergraduate degrees with scholarship opportunities to launch and grow STEM careers.

The webinar delved into how to create an equitable future in STEM. This event was co-presented by Udacity and OneTen alongside The Bridge Group and featured thought-provoking insights from presenters.  

Recently, Udacity announced a landmark scholarship with OneTen. 

Willa Seldon is a partner in the Bridgespan Group’s San Francisco office and serves as an advisor to nonprofits, social enterprises, and foundations. During the panel, she referenced her experience with commercial joint ventures and mergers. She brings a deep perspective to the conversation about equity among stereotypically male-dominated fields, STEM fields included.

Learn More About the Equitable Future Initiative

Gabe Dalporto, as Udacity’s CEO, affirmed Udacity’s mission of diversity and equity in STEM. Some of the most successful scholarships have been launched under his leadership.

As the event moderator, I was impressed by the passion and synergy that existed during the panel. The coming together of the desire for technology and the filling the equity gap made the conversation special. 

OneTen CEO Maurice Jones, the OneTen Chief Executive Officer, discussed the importance of upskilling one million with his experience as a public and private sector leader and the organization’s mission.

“I’m grateful that I have Willa and the whole Udacity team. What we are trying to do at OneTen is a team sport. This is one of those games where you can’t play small ball. We must be unabashed by our ambitions.” 

CEO Maurice Jones, the OneTen Chief Executive Officer

Click here for the OneTen Coalition STEM Webinar replay.

To learn more about applying for the landmark Scholarship, click here

Eraina Ferguson
Eraina Ferguson
Eraina Ferguson is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Udacity. Her recent monologue, Listen to Her, was read by actress Marla Gibbs and featured at the WACO Theatre’s 50in50 event. Her writing has been featured on NBC Universal, Red Tricycle, LA Parents Magazine, and the LA Times. Eraina lives in California with her husband and children.