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Close your eyes and think back to a coach you’ve had on a sports team (or P.E. Teacher if you weren’t into playing sports). They gave you tips on how to improve, helped you be the best you could be, and cheered you on. Having a Career Coach is just like having a sports coach. Career Coaches can point you towards resources to aid in your job search, help you identify your strengths, and encourage you to pursue opportunities until you land the perfect job.

Career Coaches at Udacity spend lots of time getting to know the students on a personal level. Ishan Gupta, the Global Head of Student Operations at Udacity, says developing relationships––truly getting to know each student, who they are and what defines success to them––is his favorite part of the job. “In my time helping students build their careers,” says Gupta, “I’ve found that the more you give your students, the more growth you’ll see.” Dedicated Career Coaches at Udacity are a big part of what helps the students thrive, especially after finishing their courses.

Career Coaching
Career Coaching services at Udacity

But it’s not just the coaches that bring success for the students. That’s a common misconception. Students have to want to succeed on their own. Like the coach of a team sport, the actual work must be done by the team (or in this case, the student). The coach is there to guide, advise, and listen, but not to do all of the work. Career coaching is not job placement. Tools, resources, support, and guidance are provided, but the Career Coach does not bring you the jobs.

The main goal of a Udacity Career Coach is to build relationships, make job searching less scary, and serve the community by helping students leverage own success. Tons of job hunting advice is available online, but it doesn’t compare to the one-on-one individualized attention that a Career Coach gives. It’s like having a personal guide through one of the most challenging parts of life: finding a job.

While Career Coaching is a new program at Udacity, the students who have used it so far have given it great reviews. Nicholas P, a Udacity student and recent user of a career coach, said, “I had an upcoming interview for a Software Developer position. My Career Coach taught me how to leverage my skills, education, and experience to demonstrate why I would be the best candidate for the job. I felt very supported and empowered!” At the end of the day, Career Coaches want to teach you how to be your best self so that you can go into interviews with confidence, just like Nicholas.

Are you ready to take the plunge? There’s no time like the present to get someone in your corner who is rooting for you. Of course, you’ve already got what it takes to succeed, but it doesn’t hurt to add some extra support. Check out Udacity’s Career Services page to get started on your personalized career plan today!

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Rachel Saccuzzo
Rachel Saccuzzo
Rachel is a Career Success Strategist and a member of the Udacity Careers team. She focuses on supporting Udacity students as they transition from their Nanodegree programs into the Job Market, and provides assistance as they build connections with partner companies. Rachel is passionate about helping others achieve success, and fostering growth.