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Top 5 Data Science Publications You Should Read In 2018

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If you ask a data scientist how to start or advance your data career, one of the first things they’ll tell you is to read. Not the answer you’d expect? You’d be surprised! Data scientists constantly read and explore what’s happening in the rapidly changing data landscape.

If you’re just getting started in the field, understanding current industry trends can set you apart in the job interview process, making it clear that you’re someone who is engaged and knowledgeable about the data science space.

“If an interviewer asks you about which data science publications you read regularly, you should have a good answer!”

If you’re already working in the field, staying on top of the latest news is a big part of how you stay competitive, remain valuable, and grow your expertise.

There are a great many data science blogs and publications out there, and together they produce tremendous amounts of information—it’s easy to get lost, and it’s hard to know where to go for the best stories. In order to help aspiring data analysts and scientists know where to best spend their time, I’ve started talking with data scientists, and reviewing blogs and newsletters, to identify the best resources for staying on top of industry trends, events, and news.

Below you’ll find my top five recommendations. I suggest you pick at least two off this list, and commit to reading them on a regular basis. Before you know it, you’ll become well versed in all things data science!

The Analytics Dispatch

The Analytics Dispatch is a weekly email about data, data science, and analytics, curated by the team at Mode Analytics, a leading enterprise analytics company (and a Udacity partner!). This one makes the list because of its clear organization, and focus on practical analytics advice for data analysts and data scientists.

Data Elixir

Curated by ex-NASA data scientist Lon Riesberg, Data Elixir is a weekly newsletter of curated data science news and resources from around the web. Similar to the Analytics Dispatch, Data Elixer makes the list because of the practicality of its posts, and for how well the content is categorized and rendered easily searchable.

O’Reilly Data Newsletter

O’Reilly’s network of experts and innovators share their knowledge and expertise on a variety of topic areas related to technology. O’Reilly has a great blog, weekly newsletter, and podcast that combine to offer valuable discussions around many topics of interest related to big data and data science. I like O’Reilly because it tackles more advanced topics, and because you get a good blend of analytics and artificial intelligence content in the mix.

Data Science Weekly

Data Science Weekly, curated by Hannah Brooks and Sebastian Gutierrez, shares recent news, articles, and jobs related to Data Science. You can sign up for the newsletter, or enjoy archives that date back to 2013. This one makes the list because it supplements its content with featured jobs and useful training resources.

Analytics Vidhya 

Analytics Vidhya is an online community, created by Kunal Jain, dedicated to the study of analytics. Its resources include training, tips and tricks, case studies, and interviews with analytics leaders. One particularly useful aspect of Analytics Vidhya is that it breaks out the content under categories, like ‘Learn’ or ‘Engage’ so you can find content to better suit your needs.

These are just a few of the excellent resources out there. The world of data is a fascinating one, full of amazing thinkers and innovators, and the deeper you dig, the more you’ll learn. Data enthusiasts are encouraged to consider learning with Udacity, as we offer world-class instruction for everyone from the very novice to the very expert. Here are just a few of the data-centric Nanodegree programs we offer:

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Enjoy your reading, and we hope to see you in our data classrooms soon!


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