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We no longer offer Udacity Connect. Please visit our Nanodegree program pages to explore all our corse offerings! 

Udacity Connect Bay Area

One of the greatest benefits of an online learning program is the ability to tailor learning experiences that support the differing needs and goals of students in widely varying circumstances. This can run the gamut from offering offline content to counteract connectivity issues, to creating scholarships to support those facing financial obstacles, to providing anytime classroom access for those balancing education against work and family commitments.

Lifelong learners from anywhere in the word can come to Udacity and engage in focused learning that supports the realization of their career goals and life dreams.

Accelerated Blended Learning: Combining the Online & Physical Classroom

Flexibility and focus are two of the most important benefits a model like Udacity’s can offer, and with the addition of a blended learning offering—Udacity Connect—we can now add efficiency to this list as well. We know that students who embrace a blended learning approach successfully complete their Nanodegree programs on average more than 30% faster than those students working strictly online.

On the heels of our groundbreaking launch of Udacity Connect Reno-Tahoe, we are now very excited to share details of Udacity Connect: Bay Area!

In-Person Classroom Training & Peer Collaboration

Udacity Connect offers a blended learning solution that combines independent studies with weekly in-person training sessions led by Udacity instructors and mentors. These in-person sessions are focused on delivering three key benefits for participating students:

In-Person Collaboration: Students have the opportunity to work with instructors and peers to complete projects, overcome challenges, and master new concepts.

Accountability: Students benefit from weekly sessions with expert Session Leads who help with goal-setting, time management, and motivation.

Efficiency: Based on a model of 5 hours/week spent in Connect sessions, and 10 hours/week spent on independent study, students can successfully complete their Nanodegree programs in just 3-4 months.

In addition to having weekly check-ins with individual students, and facilitating and moderating peer collaboration, session leads also present valuable lectures covering course material. Connect sessions additionally feature guest speakers—who are working professionals in relevant fields—speaking about their jobs, and how they apply the concepts students are actively working on.

We are launching Udacity Connect in the Bay Area for students of four different Nanodegree programs: Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Front-End Developer, and Intro to Programming. Whether you’re just learning to code, ready to start building great user experiences on the web, or preparing for a data science career, Udacity Connect represents an opportunity to significantly accelerate your journey from enrolled to hired, and from fundamentals to mastery.

The Application Process

Udacity Connect sessions are limited in size and availability, so eligible students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, to increase the chances of being accepted. When you apply, our team will assess your application to determine if you meet the prerequisites for the program you wish to enroll in, and to ensure that factors like time and travel will not impede your ability to meet the requirements of Udacity Connect participation.

Students who submit applications by August 28th at 11:59 PM PST will receive a response by September 1st. Once you receive your email, and if you are accepted, you will then have until September 4th at 11:59 PM to enroll and secure your seat. Spaces will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.

To learn more, and to apply, please visit Udacity Connect: Bay Area.

Making A Difference Here, There, and Everywhere

Udacity was born in the Bay Area, and our headquarters are still in Mountain View, so the opportunity to launch Udacity Connect right here at home is particularly exciting for us. While it may seem an obvious choice to offer a program like this in the heart of Silicon Valley, the truth is that the impact of blended learning on progress rates is universal regardless of factors like experience level or location. At the heart of our mission as a learning institution is the desire to directly connect learning to jobs, and we see a tremendous opportunity both here in the Bay Area, and across the globe, for Udacity Connect to make a real difference in the lives of students who need a program that is tailored to—and optimized for—their unique needs.

There was a time when offerings such as bootcamps seemed to offer a consistently reliable path to career advancement. While the bootcamp model may remain a compelling approach for some, we know that the combination of high cost and the necessity of leaving full-time work behind makes this an unrealistic option for the vast majority of students we work to serve. With Udacity Connect, we aim to provide the opportunity to shorten your career journey with limited risk and maximum rewards.

Explore all of Udacity’s courses on our Nanodegree program page.

Salwa Nur Muhammad
Salwa Nur Muhammad
Salwa Nur Muhammad is the VP of Admissions, and Udacity Connect, Udacity’s blended learning offering. She spearheaded the innovative UConnect initiative to combine the flexibility of online education with the rigor of in-person instruction to turbocharge the student experience.