Women Techmakers Udacity Scholarship

From our vantage point in the heart of Silicon Valley, we witness miracles of innovation every day. But as exciting as the tech space can be, it is also an arena that still struggles with very real issues of equality and diversity. We are also an international company, with students, instructors, and partners located all over the world. We are fortunate to be able to engage with people from other cultures and backgrounds on a daily basis, and we see the challenges that exist on the global stage as well.

One issue we are very focused on is increasing the number of women working in tech—we urgently need to have more women building new technologies.

To that end, Udacity is thrilled to launch the Women Techmakers Udacity Scholarship in partnership with Google. Women Techmakers, Google’s global program, provides visibility, community and resources for women in technology. This initiative will help women learn web and mobile development skills through enrollment in our Nanodegree programs. This scholarship is a powerful expression of Udacity and Google’s shared commitment to supporting the learning and careers goals of individuals across the globe, and we look forward to working with Women Techmakers to select candidates ready to take the next step in their careers.

Apply for the Women Techmakers Udacity Scholarship by June 9, 2017!

Scholarship Details

The scholarship is ideal both for women who are at the beginning of their journey in tech, as well as for those already working in relevant fields who are seeking to advance their skills in web and mobile development. The scholarship’s goal is to provide visibility, community, and a learning experience that will enable women to meet their career goals. We will enroll women in the program they choose to help them achieve their learning goals—Android Basics , Android Developer, Front-End Web Developer and Full Stack Developer.

These Nanodegree programs were built with top experts from Google; students learn important concepts, tools, and technologies that enable them to build projects that demonstrate mastery of the most valued skills being sought after by innovative companies big and small. Students benefit from rigorous code review, moderated forums, and a built-in community. From enrollment to job searching, Udacity supports its students throughout their learning journeys.

Udacity and Google: The Partnership

Udacity and Google have worked together in many capacities, and we are united in our mission to empower communities worldwide through cutting-edge learning initiatives. As a very recent example, we teamed up to offer 10,000 new scholarships to aspiring Android developers in the European Union, and the results have been extraordinary. One scholarship recipient, Tam Love, detailed her learning journey in a very inspiring post, then in a follow-up article, she summed up the impact the scholarship has had on her life:

From Udacity and Google, I have learned more than just technical skills; I have learned to believe in myself, and achieve things I never thought were possible. I wrote previously that they changed my life — this is even more true today than it was before.”

The Women Techmakers Scholarship is an immensely exciting new expression of our partnership with Google, and it focuses on a goal we’re very passionate about—giving more visibility, access, and support to a community of women who are poised to become innovators in the industry. By offering this scholarship program with Women Techmakers, we hope to give deserving individuals an opportunity to further their life and career goals.

Why Now?

It is fitting that this new scholarship program should kick off in the aftermath of Google I/O—Women Techmakers was launched at Google I/O 2012 by then VP of Google[x] Megan Smith. Now run by a global team of Googlers and led by Natalie Villalobos, Head of Global Programs, the program has scaled to offering over 200 global events each year across 52 countries, and serving 70,000 women across all of their initiatives.  Learn more about becoming a member of Women Techmakers, and how to access curated resources and events to support you at every step of your career.

Apply Now!

Apply for the Women Techmakers Udacity Scholarship by June 9, 2017. We look forward to meeting, celebrating, and supporting the women technologists who will help shape the future of the industry, and we can’t wait to welcome you to Udacity!