SEO Salaries: What You Can Expect to Make

SEO, once considered a “nice to have” for marketing strategies, has emerged to become one of the most important digital marketing tactics to date.

Without SEO, it’s impossible to gauge the success of your digital marketing efforts. 

 In fact, every seasoned marketer knows that SEO is about building strategies that will increase discoverability for a site over time. And, it isn’t a one-time exercise. 

Since search algorithms change constantly, the SEO world is always changing and provides endless learning opportunities. This is also why it’s such a popular career choice, with earning potential. 

Here’s a look at SEO salaries and what you can expect to make in various from entry- to senior-level positions

SEO Salaries

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Robotics Engineer Salary: High Job Satisfaction & Growing Opportunities

With the rise of machine learning (ML) and associated technologies, the demand for robotics engineers is growing each year. It’s projected that the number of jobs in the field will grow 9% between 2016 and 2026, leading to a shortage of qualified engineers. As a result, the robotics engineer salary is becoming even more competitive in order to attract top talent. 

Here’s what you can expect when it comes to the salary for a robotics engineer.

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UX Designer Salaries

User experience design, or UX Design, is a job in the tech industry that revolves around creating simple, easy, and fulfilling experiences for users of software and digital products. These designers work through cycles of planning, researching, and prototyping products and features to give their customers the best experience possible.

These days, creating a world-class user experience is one of the top priorities of most successful tech companies. That’s why the market has never been hotter for well-trained UX Designers than it is right now. If you need more proof, check out these incredible salaries for UX Designers.

UX Design Salart

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Are Digital Marketing Salary Figures as Hot as the Jobs Themselves Are?

Digital marketing is all the rage right now. Happily for you, so is the digital marketing salary. It’s a great time to be a digital marketer – whether as an entry level associate, or as a manager. A preliminary look at the 2020 Tech, Digital Marketing & Creative Salary Guide by Mondo, an Addison Group staffing agency specialized in high-end, niche IT, tech, and digital marketing talent, indicates that chief marketing officers will be among the top paid professionals this year.

The guide, which is scheduled to be released on April 7, 2020, estimates that 13 digital marketing roles will generate salaries upward of $175,000 this year. While obviously the highest digital marketing salary figures are in the C-suite category (with over 61% listed at director levels or above), the report indicates that there are several roles within marketing automation, demand generation, and e-commerce that command high packages.

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