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What You Can Earn as a C++ Developer

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages today. It’s closely related to the programming language C. C++ is really just the next generation of C. If you already know how to use C, then learning C++ is going to be even easier for you. The great thing about knowing C++ is that it carries over to other programming languages. It is also a great starting point if you’re a beginner just getting to know how to program.  

How Much Can a C++ Developer Potentially Earn?

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According to Glassdoor, a C++ Developer in the United States makes an average salary of $93,205, with a range between $84,000 and $139,000. It’s even possible to make upwards of $174,000 with the right experience and company. These are of course general estimates, so let’s break them down to specifics to see if this job and salary are right for you.

C++ Developer Salary Based on Location:

Seattle, Washington: $131,330

San Francisco, California: $127,338

New York, New York: $116,509

Atlanta, Georgia: $112,725

Remote: $101,313

It, of course, comes as no surprise that working in offices in metropolitan cities brings in the most amount of money. Working remotely may not pay as well as working in person in these cities, but you still probably will be able to rake in a nice six-figure salary. Working remotely can also possibly allow you to work for a company located in a big city while you live in a smaller city with fewer expenses and a lower cost of living. So the trade-off can be worth it.

C++ Developer Salary Based on Experience:

Entry-Level: $88,661

Mid-Level: $99,429

Senior-Level: $125,739

While working at entry-level may not yet have you earning a six-figure salary yet, the jump from working mid-level to senior level is definitely worth your time.

Become a C++ Developer

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Do you think you have what it takes to learn C++ and make that sweet six-figure salary? While this job typically requires a bachelor’s, it is also vital to make sure your skills remain sharp and that your information is always up to date. With our C++ Developer Nanodegree Program, you can get yourself ready and in shape to take on this new and exciting career.


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