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3 Reasons to Shake Up Your Employee Development Strategy

The ROI for employee development is undeniable. Nearly 87% of millennials believe learning and development in the workplace are essential.  Not only does L&D increase employee productivity  it also drives brand loyalty and boosts morale. Moreover, below are three key reasons why you need to consider shaking up your employee development initiatives in 2022: 

1. Studies show that employees engaged with their work are more productive and present less of a risk to the organization.  

2. Employee development can be used as a way to cut down on job-hopping rates by providing opportunities for your current workforce to grow within the company  

3. A comprehensive approach to employee development will help reduce turnover rates, leading to decreased costs related to hiring, training, and lost productivity.

Read on to find out more essential strategies for implementing employee development at your company. 

Developing Employees is Key for Growth

It’s important to invest in the development of employees. They will make or break your business— and it all starts with your strategy. Set goals and indicators for your employee development strategy and measure performance. Invest in training, coaching, and mentoring programs for employees at all levels, not just executives.

Take a Step Towards Creating Your Employee Development Strategy

The first step in creating your employee development strategy is to analyze the current state of affairs. This includes interviewing managers and employees to assess their skills, interests, and leadership potential. You may also want to look at how different teams work together and what they need to function effectively.

Excellent Employee Development Involves Skill Development 

The key to employee development is to ensure that needs are met and skills are learned . This may seem challenging because of the sheer number of employees, but there are many ways to ensure that all employees can grow and learn. 

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