Blog Mentor Stories Udacity Mentor Spotlight: Next Level Learning with Ahmet Can Serfidan

Udacity Mentor Spotlight: Next Level Learning with Ahmet Can Serfidan

There is always more to learn when mentoring students on their Udacity learning journey. In fact, that’s what makes the Udacity mentorship experience so rewarding and “an irreplaceable opportunity,” explains Udacity mentor Ahmet Can Serfidan. 

Ahmet, a process control supervisor in a petroleum refinery, has also been mentoring students at Udacity for two years. But before joining as a mentor, Ahmet was a Udacity student himself in the Data Analyst Nanodegree program

He believes the Nanodegree program helped him polish his coding skills and  become agile in data analysis, automation, software development, and understanding digital transformation better.

My coding journey started with Udacity, and I am delighted that it continues with Udacity.

Once he received an offer to become a mentor at Udacity, Ahmet was motivated to take up the challenge and share his learnings with other Udacity students.

From Udacity Student to Udacity Mentor

Having personally experienced a Udacity Nanodegree program, Ahmet is eager to guide students on their path to learning and success.

Ahmet now mentors students in four different Nanodegree programs — Data Analyst, Programming for Data Science, AI for Healthcare, and Machine Learning Engineer with Microsoft Azure.

“I feel an excellent bond with the students. They are respectful, friendly, and very eager to learn. They are always open to feedback and this motivates me to make their learning experience great,” shares Ahmet.

Often, Ahmet thinks back to when he was taking a Nanodegree himself and enjoys helping students work through the challenges he also faced. He’s most excited when students enjoy solving problems, and believes that answering questions is more than addressing that specific question — it’s  about enhancing the learning curve and the overall progress students can make.

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If Ahmet’s story intrigues you, check out what being a Udacity mentor is all about.

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