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Become a Udacity mentor

Use your passion for tech to mentor motivated learners and expand your professional network.

The Perks



Get free access to the Nanodegree program in which you applied and keep up with the latest cutting-edge technologies.


Contribute to a vast network of top-notch technical masters and a vibrant, global community of thinkers.


Get recognition for your breadth of technical knowledge and build relationships with other mentors while helping each other grow.


Earn money for gratifying work supporting our students while choosing the hours that work for you.
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Join our growing mentor community.

We’re looking for tech enthusiasts that are passionate about new, challenging, cutting-edge technologies. If that sounds like you, this could be a good fit.

  • Udacity mentors support students by providing thorough, personal and timely technical support and feedback.

  • Our vast mentor network includes engineers, researchers, writers, marketers, bloggers, freelancers, and consultants from leading companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, and Qualcomm, along with startups and mid-sized enterprises too.

  • Our mentors come from 30 different industries and live across 86 countries, encompassing diverse knowledge and perspectives.

  • Only 1 in 22 candidates become a Udacity mentor—we execute a diligent vetting process because we want the best for our learners.
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    Application Process

    1. Fill Out Application: Start by filling out the application form and selecting an open position under the “Mentors” tab on the Udacity job portal. You’ll be contacted directly if your application fits the criteria.

    2. Take Assessments: Next, take a short technical assessment followed by a situational test to verify that your skills meet the needs of Udacity students.

    3. Review Course Content: Review the content of the Nanodegree program in which you have applied and pass corresponding projects, along with the Mentorship Nanodegree program that teaches you how to be an effective mentor.

    4. Start Mentoring: After basic onboarding, begin helping students with their coursework through our custom-built dashboard. That’s it!

    Have Questions?

    Visit our Mentor Community Help Center page for more information.

    Come join us!

    Our community of mentors is changing lives. Let’s change more together.

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