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Accelerating the Enterprise Learning Experience with Lakshay Nagpal

Mentorship means not just teaching something, but also learning from our proteges,” explains Udacity mentor Lakshay Nagpal. 

At Udacity, being a mentor to Nanodegree students provides you with an opportunity to learn even more than you did in your courses, connect with other students, grow in your technical prowess, and even earn money.

Lakshay, a mentor for Udacity’s Program Accelerator Sessions, recently worked with an enterprise learner from a Global 500 Financial Services Firm. Their 1:1 session focused on the foundation concepts taught in the Data Scientist Nanodegree program.

Mentoring Enterprise Learners

Lakshay was impressed with his first experience as a mentor for an enterprise learner. “It was amazing, enterprise students have the patience to listen to you in great detail and ask interesting and conceptual questions which they actually use and implement in their daily work.”

The importance of connecting with learners is top of mind for Lakshay. He explains that he bonded with this particular learner by discussing why she’s taking the course, her overall Udacity learning experience, her job, and the like. They were able to develop a good rapport and the learner even shared anecdotes about how her debugging skills led to cost savings at her firm.

Working with Udacity

Not only has Lakshay enjoyed working with learners, he reports that his experience with Udacity has been top notch. “The coordination was smooth and I found no difficulties in management. Cheers!” Lakshay remarked.

He also explained, “I would like to contribute more to this program and to other Nanodegree programs as well. Thanks a lot Udacity for this opportunity.

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