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growth product manager - Growth Product Manager Nanodegree program

Udacity’s Growth Product Manager Nanodegree Program is Here

Udacity is excited to introduce the newest addition to our School of Product Management: the Growth Product Manager Nanodegree program. This three-course program is designed to teach students  about growth product management, building off a foundation in regular product management. 

What is Growth Product Management?

While most Product Managers (PMs) focus on designing a product that appeals to customers, Growth PMs work to find ways to get more customers interested, increase user retention and build up monetization. 

Sometimes this can look like simply optimizing a product for growth. Other times it can involve an intense process of metrics and data analysis to design experiments built to improve growth over time.

Growth Product Management Nanodegree Program Details

The Growth Product Manager Nanodegree program will equip you with all the foundational skills you need to become a successful growth product manager — at a B2C or B2B company. This Nanodegree program covers everything a growth PM needs to thrive, from designing strategic growth plans to analyzing pricing metrics.

To get the most out of this course, it’s important to have some basic product management experience. This includes understanding how to scope business requirements, define basic key performance indicators (KPIs), perform data analysis using Excel (or another platform) and create arithmetic functions in Excel (or another spreadsheet tool).

In as little as three months (at 10 hours a week), students who enroll in the Growth Product Manager Nanodegree program will learn how to assess a business, create a growth loop, measure success, design experiments to increase growth, and monetize a company continually.

Specific projects include:

Project 1: Crafting a Growth Loop
Create a presentation deck proposing a user acquisition and growth plan based on provided business context for a hypothetical e-commerce snack box company. Assess the current state of the business, chart a path using a growth loop, then test, validate and expand the loop.

Project 2: Let It Grow
Act as a PM for Productboard by optimizing the sign-up flow to ensure user conversion. Act as a PM for Slack by determining activation funnel, creating a retention curve and performing churn analysis using quantitative dataset provided.

Project 3: Priceless Penny
Devise a monetization model for a post-revenue B2B SaaS company, including possible experiments to run to continually improve on the strategy.

Learning From Top Growth Product Managers

To develop this program’s world-class curriculum, we collaborated with professionals from top-rated tech companies, like Sendoso and Productboard. Each of these collaborators contributed guidance and feedback to focus the program on the most in-demand skills. Each of the instructors has extensive growth product management and teaching experience. 


Katherine Wu, Product Manager
Shiv Patel, Senior Product Manager – Growth at Productboard
Rizwan Ansary, VP of Product & Design at Sendoso

Enroll in the Growth Product Manager Nanodegree Program Today

If you’re a current product manager, or someone who is interested in transitioning their career into product management, the Growth Product Manager Nanodegree program is the right course for you. Taking this course will help increase your ability to increase customer acquisition and activation, and monetize digital products.

Working as a Growth PM is a very rewarding career. Not only do you get to directly influence the growth of the company, but the pay is pretty enticing as well! According to Glassdoor, Growth PMs make an average salary of $117,000.

With Udacity’s project-centric learning, there’s no better way to meet the demand than by registering today for the Growth Product Manager Nanodegree program. Enroll now to learn more!

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