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Introducing the AIoT Foundations Course from Udacity

Sebastian Thrun — the founder and president of Udacity — will be speaking at the Bosch World Conference on September 29 all about the overlap between artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). This keynote will cover the intersection of AI and IoT and the amazing ways they can work together to improve the world. The best part? After the conference, Udacity will be launching a brand new course called AIoT Foundations.

What is AIoT?

As mentioned before, AIoT is the cross-section of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. These technologies were practically made to pair, as AI tech can be used to process large amounts of data gathered from IoT devices. 

By using artificial intelligence, it will be possible to improve performance of IoT objects and gain more learnings than previously possible. Many companies are eager to move into this space as the global market for AI in IoT devices is expected to grow at great speeds in the next few years, reaching over $26 billion by 2023.

What Will Students Learn in AIoT Foundations?

Students who take AIoT Foundations will learn how to evaluate AIoT use cases for the businesses they work for and use those applications to come up with new ideas in the AIoT space. They will also be able to form development plans and AIoT solutions for specific business problems throughout a variety of organizations. Finally, they will also be able to evaluate the security and strength of an AIoT solution.

Who Should Take AIoT Foundations?

The AIoT Foundations course is aimed at product and project managers working in the tech space, and solutions architects. People working in these roles will likely gain the most from this course as they frequently use technology to solve business problems. Still, anyone with a passion for technology — especially AI, IoT or data science — will be well-suited for this course.

Get Started in AIoT

If you’re interested in learning more about the exciting combination of AI and IoT, be sure to join the Bosch World Conference to see Sebastian speak on AIoT. Then, sign up for the new course, AIoT Foundations to kickstart your new career specialization today!

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Jennifer Shalamanov
Jennifer Shalamanov
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