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Udacity Mentor Spotlight: Melanie Helps Create the Next Gen of Cybersecurity Experts

Mentors with specialized skills in a domain are often the best guides for their mentees. At Udacity, mentors help their learners achieve career targets by sharing knowledge and helping them grow and gain new in-demand skills. 

Cybersecurity jobs have seen a lot of growth in the past few years. Meet Melanie Dyer, a Security Analyst at DataPassports, Canada, who is also a passionate mentor at Udacity and aims to contribute to the next generation of Cybersecurity experts.

“Being able to impact the lives of budding cybersecurity analysts  and to help embolden them to apply to Cybersecurity jobs confidently makes me feel proud,” said Melanie Dyer, Udacity global mentor.

She guides learners in the Security Analyst and Security Engineer Nanodegree Programs at Udacity.

How Melanie Became a Part of Udacity’s Mentor Community

“I needed help getting ahead with my career and saw that Udacity was offering exceptional courses. I visited their website and applied for a job posting and a Udacity recruiter contacted me shortly after. I noticed that the jobs that were available at Udacity were in alignment with what I wanted to do in my career,” said Melanie.

 She interviewed for the Security Analyst and Security Engineer mentor positions and  landed the job. “I was offered the job after clearing a number of assessment stages and successfully completing Udacity requirements through a rigorous process of selection.

“I am very excited to be a part of the team, sharing my experience with my students as well as learning and growing with Udacity,” she added.

Join Our Community of Global Mentors Today

Becoming a Udacity mentor comes with responsibility. You aren’t only responsible for helping your students graduate from the Nanodegree program but also to enable them to achieve their larger career goals through real skill development.

“As a mentor, your job is to look at what is the best learning style that is suited to the mentee and use that to follow through on coaching and growing the student.” 

If you want to join us in our mission to train the world’s workforce in the careers of the future, then apply now to become a mentor at Udacity.

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